Monday, October 3, 2011

Healing and Angels and Incense Making Workshop

Calling all attendees this week :)

First in Singapore - Healing with Angels and Incense Making Demo. Receipes will be typed out and given to all.

Best way to burn incense is just powder itself on smokeless charcoal. All attendees will receive two bars of charcoal. I will also share where to buy cheapest in Singapore (aunty lobang ahaha).
Incense making workshop and DNA Healing with Bryan (3 in1)
Venue: CSC
Date: 12 Nov 2011

Time: 10am to 1pm

Fees: $88 with materials included : A pack of sample with different incense ; an Activated Healing candle ($8); Activated Affirmation Healing Card (worth $18). Bryan will give you the sacred formular of incense making and demo how to make. No individual hands-on because the focus is on angel healing workshop. Besides, no classroom in SIigapore allows mass burning of incense but those who know me I will make it so fun and informative and interesting.

To register, email to early registration will receive a healing stone now. In order to be happy and enjoy good luck, besides learning from our Chinese tradition, we must also look at how western tradition healing with Angel. Yes, I have been researching on it for 15 years although Bai Bai is 20 years..... Hahahaa...

This is a professional workshop which is conducted in overseas and its really not cheap to attend such workshop in overseas...

I have decided its time to have such a workshop in Singapore to share this unique technique at a more affordable price. Hope it can help more people to purify energy, learn ways to clear and heal yourself. You have the Chinese way and now the ANG MOH way.... ^^


1) Incense Powder Making Recipes: what each precious herbs represent and resin. How to mix with them and make into different powerful incense recipes for health, wealth and love. Interesting demo by bryan only but u will take samples back:

Myrr, frankincense, dragon blood (tree) .... etc

2) Call Upon Angel Healing with
i) Arch Angel Gabriel : Hopes, dreams and aspirations

ii) Arch Angel Michael : Strength, protection, truth

iii) Arch Angel Haniel : Love, beauty and compassion

iv) Arch Raphael: Healing, energy, knowledge

The time is ripe to share a new workshop with all students who have attended my workshops before. In 2001, Bryan met many wonderful teachers from local and overseas on Angel Healing and Special incense making. You bet I spent a lot on course fees....hahahaha. Its ok because I believed knowledge will be put into good use. Many were puzzled how Angel healing and incense making works? Well, they are all related.

3) Healing Affirmation prescribed to individual for attending the workshop.

4) Emotional Self Discovery with Grapefruit Pink Oil


6) Making a Fa Gao that really Fa with healing energy.

Fees: $88 for all. It is a special healing class prepared for 10 years.
Sincerity counts: A $500 workshop in 3 hours for only $88, and it comes with many incense imported from America, New Zealand. All participants will get a sample packet for all incense as shown. From gums and to different trees. I am now looking for Dragon Blood Incense (from a ancient tree). Hopefully everyone will have the Yuan Fen to view it that day :)

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