Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Salt method and appreciate

I This blog has been a free information for many on the forecast of method to handle difficult months ; salt method was a method by a master to handle difficult months or situation in life;

If u think carefully every month I will give some advice and warning using simplest food cure and methods to improve luck; but again what u need to face u need to;
Except it provides a cushion for u;

I remember once a master teach a student to use salt method and that month she has many event happening; and question the master why! Well the master says if without the salt method u will go thru more; 
Human are like that, they don't see the good behind but love to question the negative ;

Anyway the salt method of mine is used in media and many has tried and help a lot; below is a student that use salt method and help many of her friends

The salt method is to enable many to handle the difficult period and doesn't me once u put u avoid; 

I have mentioned this two months is tough so the salt method is to give u support and what u need to go thru u need to go thru ok!

Do u know why some
Master don't want to teach many things? Because the process of clearing is like cleaning mud water, I say until I faint also people just focus on the negative but didn't know before u can achieve positive things u will need to clean the negative up

Wearing black tourmaline Braceelt!
Sometimes when a person luck not good they decide to get a black tourmaline bracelet and when wear some a few weeks may have more issues to handle! This is a way to detox and to face issues from within; 
I have a client who are so stubborn in life after wearing let her learn lessons and avoid her from facing big problems and when she think back really a amazing energy of black tourmaline! 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Panasonic Talk Sunday Coming le

HEhehe i decided to change some topic, the Jam Making at panasonic talk will not demo because it will take up alot of time. So a video will be made for u. But will detail tell u how to make, is very simple:> once i teach u the techniques. But I will make 2 bottle at home that morning 5am . So u can taste fresh eheheh:>

My famous Jam

A power health workshop if u wan better health

15 seats left for 25 sep health beauty workshop
This year we target on
Aches remedies
Insomnia remedies
Moxibustion main Bryan points technique
Exclusive herbal tea and soup
930 am to 12 civil service club
Fees is $45
Free auric roller and a foot detox patch
Register fast !

This month do it: Clear the negative

When sickness star flies to center of flying star which i mentioned since this year many times. U need to reflect on ur health. What u do now is a reflection and recovery and better health later half of the year.

Do the Patch detox 2 days (is not my brand , u can buy other brand, but for this i research they have full pure ingredients). Also take 2 avalon aloe vera for two evening at 10pm. Take le no need take.

Perform Power Bath with Bryan relax blend is important.


 1) Get the $3 peach share among family , helps to energise the Ki bring happiness 
2) One mango eat before 12pm , clear Xiao ren.
3) Bryan's Gold tea a teaspoon and 2 slice ginger, clear the dull energy, find good job and good news

Before do above perform 2 days below if u can.


Bryan Lao Shi detox for luck: Help to remove past old injuries and body remain of negativity. Cleanse ur body from inside out and out to inside.
Bring good energy to body. After the second day feel renew and also use magneto scrub.

At any time, u can use ur own brand, My main purpose to share is it works. So do the foot detox follow by internal detox. U can use ur own dont know what supplements or tea if u have.

But personally this two is best so far.

Above is cleanse from inside out and out and inside.

I dont know how to explain la. Is not my product or I am not spokesman. 

U can also take other brand patch or even take the Ezyfeel if u dont have this avalon. But if u can afford try one time, u get what i mean

Buy the patch from www.eshopforhealth.com

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sickness star really strong

Please use magneto body scrub
Five element oil
The spray 

Six d Hulu behind main door do continue

Friday, August 19, 2016

5 element exercise class 8 october 2016

8th October 5 element exercise Class

This will be a wonderful class and now is half filled:>

This class was first started in 2006. That time we have 20 students attended the Toa Payoh Safra.

5 element exercise class

A class to circulate ur body energy centers and exercises with breathing exercise to improve health and of course ur luck.

Dont forget this is a class of power energy and courage. Open for old students first.
Fees is $55, 8th October , 930am

CSC class@omhealth.com

Now is 10 years le And I have decided to conduct a special 10 years anniversary exercise class. You will meet the 2006 to 2015 mixture of students.

This class will be conducted the day before my Birthday. And I find it meaningful. All will receive a pair of healing wood exercise ball worth $48 not for sale. And u will be taught how to use it.

I have manage to invite International world famous instructor to teach a 20 mins Body Balance Taiji track and so this class will be a hit!

Register now open for ex five element students as priority! 

Monday, August 15, 2016

Power of Incense

Burning of incense is an art.

An art for busy people to bring peace and harmony to home.

U can burn the full coil (few hours) or break some and burn.

I still remember back in 2012 , i have given a class on incense making workshop. That was so wonderful.

Do u know good incense can lift our energy and transform energetic vibrations of a place. It can enhance our life in a simple way.
Using incense for house can clear obstacles. And when burn u can say Om Ah Hung. Remind yourself to be peaceful. And encourage purification of body mind and emotion.

Try turn on a healing music and burn some incense.

Incense as an Healing Art:
There are times in your life there seems you are lost and it seems all situations result you in a state of fear, upset and tunnel vision.
And when u feel super low, you destroy your ability to find solutions and tend to make your situations worst, And luckily many of us like u and me, we do certain practice and read the blog or have advises that comes in right time to guide us accordingly.

U see when a person is super down, u dont go fortune teller, or whatever, it will make u more stress. My way to handle blockages is to clear blockages with action.
The simplest way i find is to have a good shower (cleanse the body mind), cup of warm beverages to warm ur aura. Apply an oil to calm u down.

Follow by burn a coil incense and look how the incense flows.
The above action remove the resisting and blockages in your body and restore your capability to calm ur mind, and start to let go. Once u feel calm with the coil incense, you restore the your effectiveness through the process of "letting go"

Than when u think back, gosh what happen to u.

Burn some coil incense and say the following words and feel the healing energy.

I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you:

Omhealth has 3 coil incense (We didnt bother on packaging)

All are tested free from mercury and harmful lead. (all avaliable in shopping cart)

A) Wishfufilling Pagoda Coil
B) Medicine Coil Incense
C) 3 type agarwood coil incense


Sunday, August 14, 2016

One Unique Piece

This is a collectiable set one at $388 for special set.

It aids manifestation, eases stress by clearing phobias and fears, and it is a lovely warm stone to wear.

The Tzi used here is a double side design Tzi. One side is Guan Yin and the other side is ruyi

This is blended with aged amber , fa jin and yellow quartz,

This bracelet is one of the most auspicious bracelet you can find in market and activated design for one.

This is a very auspicious collection.

Friday, August 12, 2016

House Door and House Luck

Mini News:
Welcome 2017 Talk 8th Jan 2017 is secretly launched:
Fees is $45 (include a lucky item and a group lamp offering blessings in temple)
U can email to class@omhealth.com with name and mobile number. Or names.

8th October 5 element exercise class is a special one:> Do come for all ex 5 element class student. U will receive the $48 healing wood ball.

2016 August News:

When you have stay a place for 5 years or more. The house energy need to be cleanse . We dont have to hire people to do this cleansing . But all can do urself.

Let us talk about few places to cleanse in house.

1) Toilet ( 5 element, rose geranium kaffir lime/pomelo oil) in water and scrub floor with coconut brush. Asking maid to do it is useless. U need to do it yourself.
If u have no time, once a week, few drops above in pail of water splash toilet.

Toilet is a place where we detox negativity and also a place where Yin energy is stronger. So it affects the health of family.
If everyone sick in family. Cleanse ur toilet , all will feel better in few days.

Toilet represent how much obstacles u have.

2) Fridge (Eucalyptus and lemon )
Use the oil in damp cloth and wipe fridge. Also put a box of hammer brand baking soda.

Fridge represent ur wealth of family. And lately I have advised some who looking for job long time to activate the fridge with a five dynasty coin at its door. And good job founded.

3) Door

Ur main door represent the welcome of good luck and removal of bad energy.

Plant above do a first blockages of negativity from entering.

Many people emphasis on good luck items at home but forget main door welcome good luck. So heng ball infront of main door amplify good luck.

A 6d hulu behind main door allow ur house fengshui to be activated (is yearly item)

Ur main door can put shoes. But is good to keep in tidy and clean. Normally we dont care our main door tidiness. but if one day u find house energy weird and always feel not comfy. Go clean ur ,,main door with Awakening oil blend.

Awakening oil blend is good to awaken the energy of ur door. Always have a floor matt ur door side (inside or outside) And floor matt must few drops of five element oil and purification oil (once a week) so when u after a day outside walk home it block away negativity.

Main door behind have a 6D hulu. This year the 6d hulu has blocked alot of negativity for many. Serving as a filter.

Having a good door fengshui will increase family career luck. So even if someone lost their job, they will find one quickly.

A heng ball at main door gate is good.


1)30 heng ball is ready for order
2) Awakening blend oil, Purification Oil is $45 each
3) 5 element oil is $38, rose geranium is $45
4) 6D hulu activated $48 yearly item

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Live at 6pm Facebook

Kwa Sha Health today we touch on

kwa sha plates

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Reply ur email by tomorrow latest.

I have used my omhealth request to ask Panasonic not to put this poster until a month later. And hope u know the effort behind.

Only those with confirmation email will enter and check by the Security

Hi all, i have asked Panasonic to hold on publicity for a month and open this yearly free talk to facebook and blog readers because is a talk where panasonic own's client will ballot to come. And within 3 days Cindy use her after office hour to reply single email and she has sent out confirmation email but many have not reply. Do remember this is a prestige talk and alot effort made for door gifts and also food included.

So those who have registered and we have asked for confirmation do reply ur email within tomorrow . As Cindy is waiting if not will be released to others. Hmmm u know ma, is an extra effort for u all. So u must make an effort.
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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Case studies

Doing case studies to some students this month verify things we taught here works so ...

Special item

Courier fees $5 applies 

七魂六魄 catch the wrong thing

Sometimes is so interesting how our Chinese Fengshui ancient calender works;

This is fire year and Chinese seventh month will be very yin energy where our body liver will be weak as the fire has been burning the wood; and to my surprise when the flying star 2 flies to center chart many will have emotion health issues and a term call lost ur soul may happen ;

Guess what Pokemon game launch in seventh month; and this result in more yin conditions; believe or not this month while people kept catching things there are a series of unknown energy which may affect a person luck more on health aspect;

But is a trend sometimes u can't avoid people doing it; try not to install if u have and many youngster are doing things against tradition of not play play in dark on seventh month; 

Don't try to play with ur luck and catch the wrong energy back;

This is just an advice that not many like to hear or listen; but again play moderately;

I have mentioned September October November December are the crucial month to affect ur 2017; 

Start to lay down rules and love with a conscious life;

Take good food for eyes and use five element oil purification oil or cypress oil if u really go out and catch things;

Sometimes just speechless;

Monday, August 8, 2016

Live Facebook 815


Panasonic talk is full house and those who register do reply Cindy confirmation email ; it include door gifts; do not register and don't turn up for it is free and effort made ; have u replied the confirmation email?

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Facebook live 9am

Questions on Fengshui plus special track eyes

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Friday, August 5, 2016

Thursday, August 4, 2016

FM 972 today

11am today FM 972
with Bryan Lao Shi
Today must listen a special mouth rinse even say good for mouth but good for this month:>

2001 Bukit Merah HDB Hub.
Till today I will post this pic yearly.  It all happens this day in 2001. Look at the time is 8pm:>
I used to deliver workshop after my full time job and is not easy. Juggling between and Engineer auditor and health talk on aromatherapy.

I still remember the Indian lady below, her kid was in PSLE that time, and she was under stress but after using rosemary, lemon oil etc ,she passed with flying colors. I wonder how she is now and by now the kid should be an adult:>

Never have I changed in my character (except more "polite" now ahhaha, because i really dont know how to PR, very tiring to PR if u give all to everyone in knowledge in blog).
Dont forget this 25th Sep 2016 talk is a very meaningful one:>

8th October 2016 : Day before Bryan Birthday:
5 element exercise class Special Edition only for ex-5 element class students:>

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

For those collected mini tzi

And rejoice;) 

Started today and those who order and will receive when done will also have included;

Setting up 9 eye tzi bowl

What so special about this bowl is it can set up any day and time as long as is before 3 pm and no rain!
So wash ur hand clean; than put the bowl the area u wan;

Now take out the small fossil , ingot and 9 eye dzi ; hold on right hand and make wish!
我还珠格格、希望合家平安,时来运转,百解一切、百无禁忌, say some more 

Than pour crystal in bowl and put those items on top!
Ok le!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Star Prediction for YOU August Sep

Classes Precious CLasses

1) Get Younger with Bryan , 25th Sep 2016 CSC auditorium, $45 comes with auric roller and foot patch
2) 8th October 5 element exercise class with a pair of healing wood exercise ball and is a first time in Singapore exercise.

email to class@omhealth.com with name and mobile

NB: Many tried the salt method and luck improves. http://bryanverygoodluck.blogspot.sg/2016/07/thoughts-paints-your-future_19.html

Luck so so, do the footpatch u can order http://www.eshopforhealth.com/all-products is not my brand, u can buy other brand if u find in watson or guardian also ok.

Sickness star 2 is at the center this 2016. So it affects many. U can see many important people kana health issues. So is good u all remember to put ur 6D hulu and dont neglect it. Sometimes touch it. Also ur brass hulu on living room sometimes touch it. Got touch got energy.

This month
1) 3 legged brand Cool water one time, kaya with bread or buscuit to clear the fire
2) Red apple
3) Drink Ginger beer (good quality one) or root beer.

Black tourmaline wear right wrist when under stress .

Final rinse body with 5 element oil when lack of energy. Also buy a yellow towel and put a drop victoria secret four corners of towel and use it to dry ur body after shower.  No need daily la, wait u change all ur towel to yellow so funny. Yellow towel will bring light to aura when combine with two drops of 5 element oil

This period "THREE KING STAR" starts to move in opposite star trek. Also another star " Earth Star" also moving in opposite trek. So this period 4 star moving in opposite trek.

Means: Is transformation period. Means if u have been thinking to change your lifestyle or plans or job, things will start to go accordingly now. Is called the "kick start" month. Also things start to appear better.

But is a challenging period where things and people test ur limit.
Also is a very fire period (spray of protection spray at home and tranquility spray around u). 
U need to be very very determined and persevere during this period for success . Yes success will look for u in 2017 if this month u tolerate. Just show more responsibilities at work . And for health if u put in effort to attend to ur health issues. Some long term health problems will be resolve.
Go see ur TCM, go do foot reflex and COME For 25th Sep 2016 talk (Kick Start ur health la).

This formation will flow till September my talk period. A hardworking for health and career this period will bring success. So this August equip yourself with good food and rest if can.

Is called the wheel of fortune August and September if u want to change your life and your future. And when October arrived Jupiter star will instal good fortune for all

Bryan's work with Angel advice
You need to be perservere towards your vision. Let every thought, word and action be directed towards your desired outcome.
Nothing is more powerful than focued energy and the universe will see the pure light of your commitment, whether it is to a relationship, a piece of work, a journey or anything else in your life.

Remember (ur religion) to ask for help and know when you dedicate your intention to the highest good, Universe will support u.

Universe in this context (is ur religion side one). For me is Guan Yin Ma

Affirmation to use when u hold ur crystals from omhealth:

" I am committed to my vision" say when hold crystal morning 7 times and than say ur goals.
Oil to use : Victoria secret and Fresh Morning.

Inspired Design Mala (limited to adopt )

砗磲是稀有的有机宝石、白皙如玉,亦是佛教圣物。 砗磲是海洋贝壳中最大者,直径可达1.8m。砗磲一名始于汉代,因外壳表面有一道道呈放射状之沟槽,其状如古代车辙,故称车渠。后人因其坚硬如石,在车渠旁加石字。砗磲、珍珠、珊瑚、琥珀在西方被誉为四大有机宝石。


To order this rare $188 21 bead email to orders@omhealth.com
The yellow one 21 beads left one set.

 The design i put in is 2 per piece . And it resonates with OM and if use for 21 Om practice is good.

This  set is $188 and is really a very very good price for u to adopt and limited pieces
The yellow one is $388. Do u know the yellow one is very rare now. Imagine a counch shell full white and is only a smal portion have yellow and near jade feel.

I am totally amazed for what is being created. This is the most beautiful COunch Shell mala 21 bead.

They call it crystallized to jade form almost.

The white one and the yellow one. The yellow one is now priceless and near look of yellow jade.

I come across this stone back in 2008, that time it has different grade but to have it affordable for all omhealth has a $48 21 om mala counch shell which is real stone also.

This stone represent some historical values in buddhism. But I dont want to use Buddhism as a method to sell this mala. But I want to share with u the good energy from it:>

Saturday, July 30, 2016


UPDATED Article E, the properties of Blue sparkle stone lotus bracelet and a new article F for students with omhealth bracelets>


Upcoming Classes to Attend

As we know this is a year of certain stars that move in opposite directions.

Sometimes we are slow in making decision of doing the right thing and even though u know the right way but u are lazy to do it. Or fear of changes.

Two Classes:

1) Get Younger with Bryan lao Shi
2) 5 element Exercise Class 2016

Anyway try to attend this classes this 2016 which harbours good energy to u.

A good September to December 2016 ==== to a good 2017.

The preparation for once a year beauty health talk is not easy. But is a need and must to do so. To keep you updated the informations and reminder of what to do to reduce the damages of pollution and stress. Topics cover insomnia, aches, anger management and many more:>

19th Year Get Younger with Bryan
25th Sep 2016:
Get Younger with Bryan Lao Shi.
Venue: CSC Auditorium
Time: 930am to 12pm
Fees : $45
Gifts; Auric Roller and a foot patch
Email name and mobile to class@omhealth.com

CLASS 2: Be early Birthday with Lao Shi Special Edition 5 element exercise class

Venue: CSC
Date : 8th October 2016
Time: 930am
Fees: $55
Free: A set of $48 worth Healing wall health balls

 will be email to registered students:>  class@omhealth.com

Aahha this class is really a almost free class to gather:>

平安吉祥如意 Bryan's Birthday Class--
Heng Ball Health Ki Gong Class

This class we will perform the 5 element exercise together ,

how to use this health balls for good sleep and health

And also slimming 2 track of cardio exercise:>

Bring ur Good Morning:>

Venue: CSC
Date : 8th October 2016
Time: 930am
Fees: $55
Free: A set of $48 worth Healing wall health balls

 will be email to registered students:>  class@omhealth.com

Aahha this class is really a almost free class to gather:>

To me this class is really a exercise class to bring all 5 element class student together:>

And this class I invest on this health balls for everyone a set:>

8th October 2016 ( Bryan Lao Shi the day before birthday). Some fees will donate for charity de:>

 August time: Limited 50 seats only, priority to 5 element class old students.

U can register first , will be a Sunday class@omhealth.com date announce tomorrow. With mobile . Priority to ex students:>

1) Work with Heng ball a pair worth $48
2) Revise 5 element exercise
3) Muay Thai Kick to for slimming the waist line
4) Meridian acupressure tips
5) Head kwa Sha methods for eye brightening

Fees is $55

Friday, July 29, 2016

Anniversary 9 eye tzi bowl $268

U can order now ;) and not many;) a very auspicious bowl to put house for all wellness and nice to look at

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Items to watch out

This is a special bowl I created for many to have a good wealth energy and lock in the wealth and stability. Bringing the luck of happiness to one's family. And 9 kind of auspicious energy to a person family. I always believe if u plant the seeds of goodness now , future will be good. (9 eye is a future star).

To order:

Email to orders@omhealth.com with mobile and name and address

each bowl set is $268
This bowl represent the 9 planetary systems balance and its essence.

Being in this area of luck for many years. I find that what worries many are the indefinite energy of luck compare to ancient time.
During our grandparents time, when a person work hard and put in effort , we can achieve results.
Some elderly just come from China and selling a box of fruits manage to support the family. ANd can go rich. But now the world is clouded with tons of negativity which we are fighting it . We pollute the world, environment etc. Make things more difficult.

Time are different now. The planet stars arrangement comes in a way that karma ripen quickly. People starts to answer their past actions.

Also u can see more and more different teacher in teaching and meditation coming up but is this the right path. We need to be careful. For me simplicity and also keep things simple is the key to better luck.

Heng ball has continued to bring many stability to many and this is the third year omhealth making of heng ball:> Happy for u all.

Some people may put in a lot of effort at work or projects but seems the path has a lot of blockages.

Well first we analyse it in a more practical way.

In the past life probably u left a banana skin on floor and the person fell down. So this life this person will come revenge . So if ur " Bank Account' or 福报 has a lot u can help to block away the revenge in a cushion way.

U notice, sometimes ur luck comes and goes. Sometimes it seems non stop one after another. So time is ripe and now is time for us to accumulate merits.
Now when u ask me, aren't we selfish kept thinking our own merits and being greedy , different from the Buddhist studies?

Answer is no no. If we ourselves cannot be ok, how do we help more people. Doing charity and helping people can be simple and should be in a relax way.

Sometimes u see some temple have charity lamp or oil lamp but each lamp can be few hundreds dollars or each lamp can be $20 or more , if u going light for family many may not afford. So this create stress when going temple.

So for me when a temple kept insist or "selling" lamp can help increase fu Bao. In a way I will start to question. FOr me is when we light lamp or pray at temple or do donation is happy and a relax way.

How to increase your Fu bao?

1) Daily, think of how u can not to lost temper or gossip others.
2) Daily, think how u can simplify ur life and be nicer.
3) Daily, think how u can be more patience to ur parents. I see many of us are very filial to our parents but sometimes our impatient can be so hurtful to them in words. Today when I was having breakfast at the hotel area. A lady kept scolding her parents because making a mistake in the seat number and their parents just ate quietly in the restaurant. Even she brings her parents for holiday but her words has remove all the merits .
I think u and me same same , many times we rude in words to elderly because we take them for granted.
4)Daily, think of ways to make urself happy and do things u like even for that few minutes. We give so much to family, boss, children. But we forget the ME. Many times when we do things or buy food, we think of what ur family like first. Even we like certain things, we put our need to last. This is common for many housewives. But this create also an unknown stored unhappiness in liver. Liver in luck is wood and means affect the growth of wealth. and also female related sickness.
5) Daily, spend 5 mins reading books from wise one. SOmeone well respected on philosophy and life.
6) Do something good, anything. Even a $2 medicine donation to clinics can help someone in distress.
7) Listen to nice music and positive songs once a week if can
8) Enter religious place, relax and restore ur energy
9) See a TCM once a month to improve ur energy or boil some herbs tea for urself. And clean ur house, pay attention to fridge and cleanliness and toilet cleansing.


9 Eye Tzi Liu Li Bowl

The 9 eye Tzi Liu Li bowl is design to meet the energy of above 9 criteria. The bowl energy brings in a warm Ki for house.
U can see ammonite fossil is there to move the luck around the house and a bowl of crystals.

This 9 eye is already worth a lot.

Below a new lotus bracelet for peace harmony and wealth and calm the mind.
Is the Gold sheen blue stone with lotus Tzi. This bracelet reminds u that beauty of life and remembering happiness and  beauty can be shining even the circumstances are hard.

It symbolise pure energy and also freedom of worries. Wearing helps body to  purify their minds, better understanding of  life and being goodness. It hellps people purify negative energy, create circumstance and base on own hard work to remove obstacles and illness to increase success

As mentioned

As mention a batch of mini tzi is out and another batch is September time;)

Enjoy the good tzi

Monday, July 25, 2016

Email and orders will take some time

As we are doing maintenance in system and courier audit so some delays in orders delivery thank u so much ah

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Will improve the bottle after this year

As we are trying to improve the bottle trying out different ;)
The incense u can transfer to a tubberware plastic containers
This container very tight cap so take note ok !

I kept focusing on quality but not packaging which is omhealth weakness ;) I will improve de
Thanks for understanding as our incense has gone thru test just that the packaging need a lot thinking thank u again 

Ready September late auspicious

We all remember ur mini tzi and all need time activate and also nric number match energy;) 

All mini tzi effort is powerful ;) 
And only ready on a good month

$188 series worth thinking collect

3 pieces made and is worth to collect
The tzi has gone thru fire making crafted and citrine and the blue golden sheen

Is a strong heart calming and abundance collections;)

Friday, July 22, 2016

Affordable real 9 eye tzi

This 9 eye tzi is of type 2 but is real one and also is very good vibrational energy;

Is good to invest one 9 eye tzi; u can put on a crystal bowl and put at home!

Is very good as is the future star of brightness and in few years time price will go up high!
Enjoy adopt one if u can

Special promo a day

Ten set only order this two coil incense and receive a ten goodness table display ; Is a symbol they say to  dispel negativities and afflictions caused by planetary, cosmic and Feng Shui cyclic changes.

is call a kalachakra symbol. can see in many temples. I decide to make it as a gift for those who adopt incense. And limited for today. The metal use is not top quality but the painted area is very high quaity. The base all these may tarnish but not the painted area.
(not for sale)
Kalachakra Tenfold Powerful symbol is a very important protection amulet in Tibet. Kalachakra is Time Wheel literally in Chinese. Tenfold Powerful symbols are consisting of 3 pictures and 7 Devanagari. 3 pictures are sun, semi-circular moon and dissolving flame whilst 7 Devanagari is seven syllables (Ham Ksha Ma La Va Ra Ya ). 
U can put office table good la:>

Email orders@omhealth.com; 

This place on table is very auspicious to represent goodness and correct negative effects; is done on simple metal but the image is clear and activated as a 心意for all

Mystic Knot and Fresh Morning Oil

Today Special Day

1) Mystic Knot with Fresh Morning oil at $78 (can be a gift for friends and put more than one at home)
2) Heng Ball making period , u can order now:>
3) Black tourmaline bracelet will be made base on request thru email
4) Special Serum set (10 sets) of Antiage Serum (use day) and Magwhite Serum (use night) at $100.
5) DragonBlood Eye Gel $55 and DragonBlood $80 face antiwrinkle glow gel and Rose Face Pump Flower Mask $68 at $188 (was $203)
6) Rose otto Hydrosol + Lavender Grapefruit extract Water + Face and eye mask (power whitening and hydrating) at $150 was $158

Above promotion in impromtu starts today and end tomorrow 10am:>

Email to orders@omhealth.com with name and mobile. And also payment to be made before courier to u and takes 4 days:>

All will receive a marble activated on auspicious day and put in house with $1 coin.

Special Day Set above is $78 , courier fee $5.
Normal Price: Mystic Knot $68 and Fresh Morning oil $45

Fresh Morning Oil

This is a grassy blend feeling freshly walking along the gardens. It was inspired by my Morning Botanical Garden walk.

This oil i will use in my body rinse if the day I wake up with slight heaviness.

5 drops in a small pail of warm water and final rinse my body after shower.

Fresh Morning Oil

10 drops in a pail of water wipe floor. U will know the difference.

Important of Morning 3 mins breathing exercise.

Look, u should be in the stage that feeling tired to do anything in the morning because u prefer to sleep abit more or just rush to work. But by neglecting a slight proper breathing. Ur luck energy, ur aura , ur health will not improve.

What is LUCK? Luck is 运气。运用身体无量的气与宇宙的气增加好磁场。

3 mins Breathing exercise

One hand chest one hand tummy. this touch therapy will balance ur system and also ur luck aura.

2 drops of fresh morning oil on ur wrist. rub and warm. Dont inhale first. Just rub and warm.
Than close ur eyes, turn on a music from youtube of 3mins. Relax and say

"I am vibrating in highest energy and all my organs are awake and healthy."

Than with eyes open, use your right thumb rub the mystic knot 9 times.


Significant of rubbing Mystic Knot.

The activated mystic knot was introduced by omhealth more than 10 years. Rubbing mystic knot disperse uncertainity and fear.

In ancient belief
harmonious flow of auspicious energy uninterrupted by any setbacks, misfortunes or accidents. Because of this, the symbol is often used in feng shui amulets for abundance, love and protection

FOr Fengshui it can be put anywhere. But u can also hang at SW area of ur room or house to improve family relationship. Using this symbol in the Southwest of the office brings good business and workers all happy.

Daily breathing for people with health issues:
A drop of purification inspiration blend wrist,
take 9 deep breaths starting from deep in your belly all the way up through your upper lungs. Breathe in through your nose slowly until your lungs are fully inflated and then breathe out through your mouth until you push all the air out.
NOTE: Many people have chronic health issues is because drink less water and oxgen level in blood low.
And the body treats the food as a toxin, allergen or threat and initiates an immune response toward the food. If you suffer from chronic sickness like sadness, depression or fatigue ,food allergies, start performing the deep breathing exercises before meals and you should start noticing better digestion and feel better within weeks.


Special news today: For all students who have involve in charity of rebuilding Stupa in nepal. Ur statues names is inside the Stupa and also dedicate to all Omhealth students.

This pic was sent to omhealth today.

All this pic is sent to omhealth today. The energy very powerful. u can feel it the tingling effect for some who are sensitive. make a wish and send to all beings and say some prayers.
Nepal Buddha stupa (part of exclusive omhealth group sponsors and pictures)