Saturday, January 20, 2018

Top 3 Star SIgns 2018

If u are friends who are this top three star signs. Get them a good quality chocolates on 4th Feb 2018.

Top ONE : Rabbit : Get a Citrine Tumble stone ( $28 to $50 to conquer)
Top Second: Tiger : Use or get a rose quartz Items ($28 to $50)
Top Three: Horse : USE a red jasper power stone &$28 to $50)
Image result for 碧玉石

This are personalise tumble stone and activated: U can put on office desk near namecard and hold it for breathing exercise.

Interested do email to and say : Personalize stone (i will choose between $28 to $50)
Top three means very good luck stars visit them. But of course they still have abit obstacles but can easily handle de:>

For other animals signs , in order to have a smoother 2018, get them most expensive chocolates, (3 pieces can le) or an Ang Bao of $8 to them on 4th Feb 2018.

Temple walk that day I arrange this 3 animal to give out sweets. The Young Rabbit, the middle age Tiger and also a horse ahahha:>


Green Phantom is a power stone:>

The sphere is very rare now and greatly can be used to improve house fengshui.

It can range from $180 to $600. Is really an amazing stone to keep. I tell u green phantom when i got my first job in Singapore . A friend give me a green phantom stone and i must say till today is amazing.

The bracelet is very expensive now:>
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Friday, January 19, 2018

My personal Confession::: Heng heng ok

Hi all

if u understand when i give a event workshop. My intention is to give all the techniques to improve ur luck and help ur well beings. A event where I dont keep and teach what i need and more than 120 percent.

But i mention, to u all may be a simple sms or whatsapp for a question is simple to me. But imagine I wake up 4am to start working daily reply email , checking orders and my work.... Everyone 1 sms can be 200 sms or whatsapp a day. So i say dont message ,me, just email can le. AHahha hope u all understand ah.

All u want to know i put on website And if queries u can email to but floor plan etc i dont.

No hard feelings, i need to write out ahaha so u all understand omhealth just one person doing all typing.

I am asking myself, am i too pamper u all le. U all need make effort to check.

Many asking me floor matt color. But i already given u all the flying star sector, and floor matt color put in long ago but u all must read ok

Thursday, January 18, 2018

FAQ 5D and 6D hulu

How to fold

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5D coin/6D coin/ Spray Mist

1) Rice urn one already few years should we keep or change. Well many years ago i mention to keep and store for few years than can re use. But in 2018 we change a new one to flower of life because in 2018 heavily no metal year so it represent we plant in the new metal.
The old one has done alot of work for u and let us just change a new one.

2) Tai Sui affected animal, can carry 5D coin and sometimes when temple just go over the incense 3 times. So 2019 4th feb than discard in recycle bin

3) 6D hulu is for blocking sickness and diaster star. I mean reducing. We cant totally block away things we need to go through. So self cultivation is also important.
U change yearly behind main door knob.

4) U can change all the items for ur house on 4th Feb 2018, but some of u is changing so is definitely ok.

5) The two mist omhealth has are flora water blend and is very high quality. The bottle itself is a fengshui. I remember a lady she use water mist daily before she goes out or when she return home.

Well we have protection Space clearing spray and also Tranquility healing spray. The name says u can use either one for urself depends on ur feel.

For me I use protection spray around house or area i think is not harmony. Tranquility mist i love to mist above my head few times and let the mist envelope me.

All the mist can spray on curtain, bed etc.

6) Fu Zai Yan Qian Coin Usaages
This is a coin that can be kept forever. I have make it so simple for u. In 2018, when u feel lack of wealth or opportunities... Carry this Fu Zai Yan Qian coin and go suntec walk around the water 3 times. Sure good one.

7) Also u can carry Bai wU Jin Ji coin too.
Bai wu jin ji coin is so useful for u to use. Sometimes in office or during auspicious day, suppose that day u want to have peaceful mind and good luck. suddenly got people interfere and affect ur mood. So carry and rub this coin and say Bai wU Jin Ji 3 times.

8)  Now my pass year good luck items u can put at 1,6,8,9, sector of the house.

9) Fridge 5D coin can reuse last year but change for 2019 ok. But if u find ur 2018 it has help u out in many finances issues and all happening is resolved, change a new one.

10) Car, u can put  or 5D coin or 6 D coin hulu, either one. Please change one yearly.
Image may contain: indoor
11) Travel coin can use yearly no need change

If u totally confuse what to put at house and dont want to see map.

Main door knob side 6D hulu, Living room a bowl of SGD$1 coin with 5D coin, At home one area put a 5 D coin to block negative energy (change yearly)

Every few days light an incense for house harmony energy. The incense burner is very good buy at Shopping cart only $68.

9) Also for house energy to feel good sometimes. Buy 2 BIG ORange put at kitchen table for 2 days and eat the third day or keep in fridge.
Image may contain: outdoor

The incense omhealth uses are the Auspicious and high mountain incense lately , u can test the scent, use abit will do.

But fridays I light wishfufilling pagoda incense coil.

Image may contain: plant and flower

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Flying star 9 affect future luck

Hi all

Updated Flying Star 9. Many ask the floormatt color actually is in the sector but i will put a clearer one tomorrow , Stay tune:>

Things u can order now

1) Hao Yun Lun Dao Ni
2) Dragon tortise $88 bigger palm and $68 small table
3) Positive affirmation and Harmony oil at $80 set
4) 5D coin
5) 6D hulu
6) Fu zai Yan Qian left 120 pieces.

25th March 大家来拜拜 class will be very interesting gathering and you will also do
i)             proper mantra chanting and also
ii)            meditation techniques to calm our mind. Also
iii)           joss paper and some luck improvement methods.
iv)           Crystal therapy usages methods
v)            Aura cleansing

It will be at CSC Auditorium and 930am seated. Fees is $38 .

Once announce publicity this talk will filled up very quickly. Hope u all can make effort register early.

email to 

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Chinese rooster year Clearing to welcome 2018 unlock earth Dog

Hi all

2018 Jan to Feb 2018 before Chinese new year is are a very important period to cleanse your house or clear any clutters.

2018 is an Earth Earth year means also alot of dust energy using mist and metal items are good. Simplest is spray the mist and carry FuZai yan Qian coin. Also 2018 is a rare year with so many EARTH (many say no good but to me, is a key to big wealth if u know how to activate).

Video will be made asap.

If u area able to activate 2018 energy, next 10 years 2019 to 2028 will have a smoother easier wealth energy.

How to do it?

1) clean up now ur house.
2) Mist the house once a day. This mist can spray more than 300 times i think each bottle.

1) Check for dust around bed or office table or living room under sofa or bed or table.

Dust/dirt represent: Blockages that create problems. So is good to put 5 drops 5 element oil in a pail and wipe the needed area. 
After that spray Protection Space clearing mist around house.

( 2018 is an Over earth and lack of water year and metal especially, Spraying Protection spray in the house will bring alot of good energy luck to the house 

2) Fridge is an energy of wealth. Please off the electricity put 8 drops eucalyptus and 5 drops lemon essential oil in a bowl water and wipe with new Cloth. Eucaltypus and lemon kills dead energy in fridge which block ur luck

3) Keep using the Mist as below.

Omhealth only 2 mist since 1998

The Mist is now a

These mist cleanse and balance our aura and also any atmosphere, help eliminate negativity and bad vibes, cut stagnation or simply refresh and cleanse your space. 

You can use these to reinstall a positive, happy relax  environment . It can be awonderful spray in the bedroom and on the sheets for resting and sleeping. 

A) Scent are natural and light.
Spraying Tranquility healing spray around your body will bring good aura to your body. Is made with an hybrid of flora water and spray around ur body or above ur head and let the mist envelop ur body.
Is a good mist to us
About Product:
Flowers combinations in this floral water heals, purifies and strengthen the heart as well as emotions concerning love. Promotes emotional balance and well being.

If you are always impatient, rushing, always no time for yourself, panic, distress, fear for no reason, exam stress, mood swings, feeling down or insomnia due to worries, let this Well Being Healing & Tranquil Spray can help to heal your heart and emotions . Besides that, it also help to release and break away from sadness.
Direction of Use:No limitation; No strict rules to abide with. You can spray it on painful area, around the air, heart area or on your palm and dap the water at your heart or area that need healing. This spray helps to speed up healing process.e before sleep spray above ur head or ur blanket a distant away.


B) Protection and Space Clearing Mist: Clear Clutter energy and environmental energy. Spray around the house daily or few times a week. Corners and even around door area.

I like to spray before i go out door area or when I come home spray it once to clear the energy

About Product:
Blended with a base of pure botanicals, herbal extracts and exquisite aromatic oils to create and encourage positive healing environments. It rehydrates, moisturises, creates protective environments and clear any bad emotions. They can be used anytime to create a safe healing environment, at home, at work, while travelling and with those you love.
  • For Office > Clear negative "Qi", negative emotions and unwanted negative energies once spray into the air. No chemical but it is fresh flora water
  • For House > Spray to improve house "Qi"
  • For crystal > Spray for cleansing and charging
  • spray for toning
  • For bed room > Spray at bedroom or above pillow for good sleep
  • For hotel > Spray for protection and calmness

Is $50 each but 2 for $90.

Things to buy:

Mist a set . $90
Five element oil  and aura gold 20 this season buy and keep
New oil: Positive flow and harmony oil.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Thank You All

Thank you all for attending the event on 14th Jan 2018. I am sending out email slides for all attendees by Wednesday so by Friday:>  never receive tell . If u receive twice dont mind ok:> double heng ahahha

Oh many ask the doormatt color, well let me update the peace2018 website wednesday
Image may contain: 1 person
Is a wonderful talk and I manage to share what is needed for you to smooth sale in 2018.

I tried to make it simple so everyone can use the techniques.

Is not a easy to prepare talk for 2018. But yes we manage to learn together.

I will have a live video. On what is lion dance and keep for those who cant attend soon to be posted here. U all can order.

For those who want the auragold 20 oil and 5 element oil please order.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing

Friday, January 12, 2018

Welcome Talk 2018

Hi all

those who have registered and cindy has reply email reply and ask u payment means confirm le. U still need to make payment and inform us.

There will not have registration number or re confirm email de:>.

The talk will start 945 and seated at 930am. I notice many arrive earlier can walk around and do some shopping.

Limited sets are :  Joss Paper set as we can only pack 100 pack. So when arrive u can buy the set first ba $8.

I will also give u all each an order form. FOr things u want to order before class u can pass to leng leng they all to pack. Than break time can go collect or after talk can collect. Collection point will be announce:>

But i scare messy, u can also buy on counter urself.

This talk have mama, papa and cousin. So we are not very good at sales many times when people buy things some will ask alot questions at the counter, end up behind cant buy le... So u can ask question other place, decide le than go buy ok:>..

Things to buy in ur mind first:

1) 5 element oil, other oils
2)Fu Zai Yan Qian Coin
3) 6D and 5D
4) A 100 set special $18 item at stage
5) 5d and 6 d coin

I can tell u, 5 element if can buy, and also the glamour mist and Granduer facial Oil (bring good energy will use on face )

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Good Start Good Year Whole Year

4th Feb 2018
1) Scrub yourself with Heng Heng Scrub
2) Rinse body with 5 element oil after shower
3) Burn Wish fulfilling Pagoda Coil incense
4) Touch Fu Zai Yan Qian Coin
5) Put 5 D coin in a new packet and put in rice container.
6)And within the 10 days go to the dedicated area to buy rice:>

Put flower of life 5D coin in a red packet and inside ur rice container on 4th Feb 2018. Than go pray pray than any day go SE, NW or SW shopping mall buy a packet of rice add in the rice. FLower of Life 5 D coin avaliable at welcome talk 2018.
Things that cannot be found in internet are taught in the talk. Because Bugis aunties and Temple aunties are omhealth friends since 1980s/// Pattern more than badminton but the simple right way.... So what food to eat in Bazi of 2018 for Singaporeans? Want to know? Well attend the talk lor. Eat le transform positive to more positive.
How to Sing the OM mantra correctly to tell universe that healing is needed for ur body? Well attend ba:>

Image may contain: text

Image may contain: drink

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Welcome 2018 Talk 14th Jan 2018

Have u registered for this Sunday talk?

Welcome 2018 Talk is at NTUC Auditorium

There is nothing more important than protection your health and and maintaining a powerful aura. This is because 2018 is a wealth and health year and u must learn the key to improve and work with the resoruces.

Topics are exclusive on where to go, what to eat and how to smoothen your luck in 2018.

Venue: NTUC Auditorium
U can register now .
Fees: $45
Time 930am seated, 1pm end.

No automatic alt text available.

Bank Account articles: House Harmony energy

In Flying Star fengshui there is a particular star NUMBER 3
This star if not handle carefully it can create alot of quarrels and anger and misunderstanding with people:

Is 2 months to CNY. And year end energy is like" Feeling down", "Stress" because is exchanging of stars and new energy coming in. So with positive thinking using incense, oil for shower and listen to good mantra music. Help u recover quickly. Come fast go fast.

So be very strong all. And u have all the techniques i teach. Just use one of them.

How to Create Harmony in the HOME:

is common that once a blue moon the house may have some disharmony energy as we are part of the Universal energy. We human sometimes create negativity and it will be like a substance that stays in the house and once accumulated to a stronger energy it create disharmony. Or sometimes it can be due to the disharmony star 3 in the house which need to be handled.

To harmonise the house: 2018 NE of house put red heng ball.

Every month the quarrelsome star will fly to different sector of the house.

Jan 6 to  3rd Feb :  SW
4th Feb  to 4th March  :East
5th March to 4th April : SE

so if u find ur house abit disharmony, go to this locations light a essential oil burner for a day or burn some incense powder at this sector once a week. Add some red decor around above few sector at that month.
Now u dont have to do anything if ur house in harmony. If disharmony that activate the methods.

B) Bed energy represent good relationship with urself and people. Once a week u can burn some High Mountain incense around the bed and open the window.


C) Permanently using Crystal at SW of the bedroom u can hang a Pink Heng Ball or a Clear heng ball


D) Using Harmony blend oil to diffuse in bed room bring good energy.

NB: Using omhealth rose hydrosol for face compress and eye compress, encourage u to see good things in life
Using Glamour mist on ur face encourage good aura
Using Granduer facial oil helps to resolve negativity people away and people respect u.

Thats why i combine oil and water very powerful to massage face or neck. If that day u use moisturise for face. Ur neck is water and the facial oil massage neck can le.

E) Steam Sweet corn at home . And share among the family brings good house harmony energy.

Diffuse the oil below ba or tissue fan blow house.
No automatic alt text available.

Do u know Singing bowl put beside bed can sometimes help sleep for certain people. And I have a client also very prone to sickness. And after he put a singing bowl and a bottle of essential oil beside bed. Before sleep apply oil and morning gong gently:>
This singingbowl is hard to come by at $280

Image may contain: one or more people

A personal Experience:

More than 15 years ago. A friend has some terminal illnesses and I went around to look for a master for healing. And someone told me about Rinpoche temple and from there I learn about healing, mantras and the importance of simplicity. Indeed rinpoche has healed many.

Once I organised a temple walk and many are lucky to visit Kunchok Rinpoche blessings back in 2012.

U all can visit Thank You rinpoche Link here :

Things Rinpoche inspired me before he left the World are

1) Dont think so much, just chant mantra
2) Careful dont anyhow go to unknown center or follow wrong teacher
3) Anything just chant name of Tara or Guan yin Pusa or guru rinpoche mantra
4) U people create problems because ur mind think left think right . Calm ur mind daily 5 mins.
5) Follow the right Teacher, if cant find, just talk to Buddha or Guan Yin in ur heart, and they are around to guide u.

I still remember he will scold people who are very Superstitious and not in right track.

I still remember the few months before he passsed on. I was asked to do The first Taiwan show on 女人我最大。It was one fine evening, and I visited him for blessings. And actually i was told even he is really very sick he do alot of blessings for people. That day when I arrived, I remember using some oil to perform acupressure for rinpoche. This is so blessings.

Today articles is about sharing with u

Do not be confused, at all times when you are lost, go back to basic.

1) Simple prayers to Buddha or God of ur own religion
2) Have a proper meal , perform some breathing exercise
3) Go Waterloo Guan Yin temple, u can seat on the chair or red carpet chant mantra .
4) Yearly pay respect ur ancestors or write a prayer name for them in some temple.
5) Everyday do 21 OM to clear any imprint of people saying ur negative things (or a fortune teller say u no good etc)

1) Be frighten by any master who impose fear on u. Like say ur luck no good must do this do that.
2) Be superstition when sick or luck low, keep thinking that instead transform ur mind that all these negativity u re facing now better than facing still dont know. at least u are facing face to face and do good deeds to dissolve it.
3) Blame things all others when luck no good. I remember a disciple once blame a item  a master give him for low luck after receive the items , without knowing the items has helped him to block alot bad things.
4) Gossips in temple or church

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Gui ren , Relationships

In Flying Star fengshui there is a particular star NUMBER 3

This star if not handle carefully it can create alot of quarrels and anger and misunderstanding with people:

To be continue: How to create a harmony at home................

It will be continued at 3pm later;

No automatic alt text available.

Do u know Singing bowl put beside bed can sometimes help sleep for certain people. And I have a client also very prone to sickness. And after he put a singing bowl and a bottle of essential oil beside bed. Before sleep apply oil and morning gong gently:>
This singingbowl is hard to come by at $280

Image may contain: one or more people

Friday, January 5, 2018

2018 a Bazi of many opportunities but lack resources and abundance

Image result for affirmation for power energy
Be positive and hold ur Fu Zai Yan Qian Coin and say some positive words now:> Daily for 21 days:>

2018 is a special earth Year. There are alot of doors to achieve what u want but too many doors and lack of a good entrance. Also what happen in 2017 issues may bring forward to 2018. So now to 2018 4th feb . Is good for u to burn the High mountain incense and Auspicious incense at home.

Almost every year is not easy for past few years but again we able to sail thru with foodcure, aromatherapy and compassion energy.

2018 is a year u can have more white curtain at home. Some brass hulu set or metal decorations. Also go Suntec do something... What is that something? That I will leave to Bai Bai Class 2018.

But i can say 2018, u must take lotus seed with white fungus soup to open ur wealth and opportunity luck.

2018 is  a year of working on ur same project and improve on it. Is not about exploring alot of brand new directions. Setting ur foundation strong will bring bright future.

2018 is a year we forget to listen to ourselves and others. We probably will be flooded with worries and stress.

Thats why omhealth launch the Positive Affirmation Flow blend and Equilibrium blend . It allow u to think positive and have smooth flow of life in 2018.

Patience is the key to success in 2018. I mean please la, everyone knows patience bring success. But I am not joking. If u can print the word patience A4 paper and remind urself.

2018 is a year to attend classes, lessons and also strengthen ur personalities and skills. Be nice to people because 2019 will make use of what u work on in 2018 and fly high.

2018 we launch the Fu Zai Yan Qian coin is because to fulfill the missing Metal element in 2018 and also this coin brings good energy whenever u re.

In 2018 we have missing Metal Energy and Also have quite alot of wood energy. Wood means growth.

1)For family luck success. Have a bowl of $1 coin and put a 5 d coin in living room after 4th Feb 2018 anytime
2) 6D hulu maindoor behind door knob or a 3M hook hang behind door.
3) For Whole year of family Harmony: NW of house activate it with flying star method or u can just put a bowl of $1 coin with Bai Wu Jin Ji coin on it. The 8 immortal equipment from the coin and bowl of $1 coin will activate to bring smooth energy to house or office.

In welcome 2018 talk I will share with all the Affirmation of the Year to activate a General Star hidden in the year Bazi:.


Dont forget to attend Da Jia Lai bai Bai class

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Jan 2018

Ruyi elephant once a year appear. Symbolise wealth luck and family health. U can put 1,8,9

Also the hulu set $55 ready. U put ur crystal inside. Than can put beside bed one of them for health, and the other one at living room. Last year those with gold powder can continue use. Just that inside u  a cotton put in ten spice oil few drops ok le:>
Image may contain: plant

Flying star tells us simple way to iron out the issues in life. For example when ur life suddenly filled with gossips and not in peace, we quickly go to look for star 3 , 7 see whether is cluttered etc. We clean it up and spray some omhealth either protection or tranquility mist.

#1 - Brings success and win and confidence
#2 - Cause  illness and diseases
#3 - result in fights and unhappiness
#4 - Bring good human relation and renyuan and education luck
#5 - Cause very bad energy if not suppressed but if at one corner of house ignore
#6 - Brings help from mentor luck from heaven
#7 - Result fights and fight fight
#8 - Brings all goodness if u think positive at this sector
#9 - It plan out and bring future luck

In fact those have my elephant ($68) can put at 8 and 9 .

Elephant ruyi is omhealth products since 2012 and now yearly this timing we have 30 set for adopt.

Who want can emaill to

I have updated the 2018 star 7 and 8.

In Jan 6th to 3rd Feb 2018. Rat must watch ur health. But star 6 Gui ren star is in control all of u will receive help from heaven if u have faith and think positive.

But there are 2 star that affect ur thinking;
1) Anger star : Block ur views so u cannot see good luck
2) Think of worst of people and think negative about people star: This star will result u blame wrong people. So be very careful

To handle this 2 star, burn the Auspicious Incense and High mountain incense combine u will see good results. Abit will do.

Image may contain: food
Food for Jan to Feb 2018

red apple 1 , Chinese pear 1, Sugar cane red 1
Chop all and boil water , whole family drink/

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

All old students please register as is reaching

Image may contain: text

Upcoming Event Open for registeration 2018

Image result for learning

To tell you the truth, Singapore will have less and less this kind of workshop, Most people conduct youtube or web video. But for me, attending a class is best .
Email to : this few days. 

Venue will be announced on Monday, is all accessible. I am conducting less workshop every year but each workshop will be pack with new recipes and health care.

25th March 2018  (religious content)

大家来拜拜 6th years Gathering include Crystal , Art therapy and Grounding Meditation Class
Fees: $38

This is the most wonderful class and beside revision on ur Bai Bai Methods we will learn more crystal healing topics and aura balancing .

1st April 2018  (for all)

5 Element exercise class Officially 10 years anniversary. Bryan created 5 element exercise class generation 1 and generation 2.

The first 2 generation exercise will be sharing also. Than we launching the new Movement. DOnt miss this rare class.

Special Venue
Tea and bites included (mini , my 小心意)

15th July 2018 (for all)

Health and Beauty and Anti-aging with Bryan Lao Shi ( For newbies plus oldies always new topics)


Dont forget the basic that I have taught past 20 years and every year this is a must attend workshop even u have learn before but atending each time with new upgrade to ur skills.

Sleep better
Pain aches remedies
Power food
Power acupressure
Kwa Sha and Moxibustion DIY
Cupping demo u can do
Special hand reflexology points

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

An article on Parent's health
Is an important article

Anyway the two new oil is avaliable now:>

Do get them

Positive Affirmation Flow

Equilibrium oil

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Welcome Year of Dog 2018

Omhealth first given fengshui talk back in 2002.
For a workshop in auditorium, is very not easy for me. Today I shall express my thoughts in this articles especially newbies are getting more.

NB: From booking of auditorium, going on stage and before event need to run up and down to set up the stage, arrange lion dance to your notes is really  ONE PERSON. Age catching up aahahahah i trying my best to have this workshop once a year to plant in positive energy and thoughts. So every workshop alot of prayers send to the auditorium on that day and timing from masters.

Thank God , my parents helping me to set up store that day and now have leng leng and lai to carry items to stores. Thats why sometimes , for orders i tends to forget packing things near CNY.
Now I have 3 personal students that this year help me set up powerpoint and microphone... (imagine all these while i need to handle)


For 14th Jan 2018 event
Specially prepared

1) 500 lamp offerings at Mount Wu Tai 
2) Donation on that day itself of food and medicine to Cambodia and merits dedicate to all from omhealth charity group
3) Lamp offerings in Singapore 5 temples to all attendees
4) Rinpoche blessings to all attendees in event
5)  Lucky blessed items (to all attendees)

U dont know right plus we have 500 lamp offering at Wu Tai Shan that day for all attendes peace and harmony
(Is not an easy arrangement) Mount Wu Tai Lamp Offerings for all attendees on 14th Jan 2018
Mount Wutai.JPG


Thanks for support all these years.

How it all started:

Image may contain: one or more people and indoor

Back in 2004 , omhealth given advice to that time, newbies fengshui master to be ,and now some become top notch fengshui master in Singapore.

And also in 2005 was a turning point for omhealth which help 2 fengshui master and 3 media big players in designing their house with crystal fengshui.

That time omhealth collaborate with a fengshui master to promote crystal cave. And do u know some of the big players businessman in Singapore has omhealth cave. ahahaha

Those student who attending the talk this 14th Jan 2018, many who has my cave in 2004 are coming....

Image result for human size crystal amethyst geodes
All these I kept in almost low profile (my character dont want to share until I have achieved what i need to) so that i can use my own effort to build my customer base rather than using them as a testimonial to attract people to my event when I was young.

But time is ripe now to share with u all and newbies after 15 years in fengshui talk how it all comes about. Because uncle me retiring to more backend le and only will give one fengshui workshop a year and a Bai Bai Class.
Image may contain: 3 people
Omhealth Bryan lao shi all begins to study crystal therapy and aromatherapy back in 1996 in Australia. After he graduated from Bachelor of Science, he came back Singapore in 1999 so besides working he spend most of his time building his dream to whether in crystal therapy and healing direction or health guru. So he concurrently work on both. And in Singapore he was trained in reiki, cyrstal therapy , color aromatherapy and back in Australia he earn hsi pocket money doing reading for people.

In 2003 he met a group of friend of his age who are in fengshui and given them advice they should start Bazi reading for people. And in 2004 he close his first crystal cave business which weigh 1 Tonn and need a crane machine  to carry to the bungalow.

From there omhealth starts to have media clients and one of the client who has not gotten award for 3 years, after omhealth prescribed him a citrine pendant , that year he got and award and also many testimonials coming up.

And omhealth in 2004 start to be invited to Ministry of Man Power , HDB to deliver fengshui workshop and follow by CPF board (consecutive 7 years fengshui workshop till 2013). And he did his fortune telling at Changi Airport for all CAAS staff, and that year he got very sick because over reading for people and in 2010 he dont do fortune reading le and dedicate his work sharing in blog and class .
Image may contain: 4 people, people sitting, crowd and indoor
Omhealth was invited to work with fengshui master but i rejected all propsals and continue my work to deliver a workshop on self development. 
Those who attended my welcome talk workshop understand the technique thought to improve luck are ancient researched techniques and slowly i was drfited away from the fengshui scene when it becomes too commercialise and infuse fear in people. So in 2008 I stated a website call which Omhaelth falls out with some master because disagreement in prediction and continue to share with people that fate is on ur hand and with good simple advice and techniques luck can change.

Image may contain: food and indoor

Back in 1980s , omhealth founder Bryan always hang around Bugis area because grandma was there, from there he has access to temple elderly which he learnt many luck improve method.

His dream was one day to have temple visit and Bai Bai Class , which many of his friends laughed at him.

In 2012 Bryan lao Shi organise the first Temple visit: and he has the honor to work closely with many temples. But again bryan Lao shi know, things will get attached and in 2016 he decided to end this project as he has done enough promulgation and move on.

In 2013 he conducted his first Da Jia Lai Bai Bai class, and he was interviewed by news and also people from museum attended .

Era has Changed But omhealth talk is always beyond .

Time has changed, with social media and youtube, u type 2018 and animal sign or fengshui there are 1001 articles. People yet are facing more obstacles , why? So i conduct a workshop once a year to implant positive energy. Which is welcome year talk.

Again I say era has changed and people who make effort to attend workshop are stress, clouded by stress and laziness and even though u know is a powerful workshop but ur negativity sometime block u from coming.

And I think I cant catch up with Facebook live media and amazingly instagram which people measures success base on followers numbers..... Ahahahah 

Welcome Yearly Talk topics are always implanted with

1) Techniques of good luck
2) Simple DIY method to handle the year energy
3) Mantra to learn and exercise to do for better year.

Every year is different and age is catching up. On top of alot of event and TV shows, my family advice me to relax and may be to give up this event because it takes 6 month for me to do calculations and prepare slides and training material.

Is not a talk of 12 animal sign and tell u what to buy. But is a full 2.5 hours of training that i compress 1 year of finds in this 2 hours.

And who on earth before giving talk prepare a website , some say u show to much, no wonder people may not come event. To me , event are topics that will blow ur mind away . Why every year is full house.... 

This year I put many newbies in waiting list and encourage old customers to attend , and Cindy my helper even personally sms to120 of u. But many didnt reply and so I decided to open the waiting list to newbies by Monday 1st Jan 2018.


Written more than 10 years of fengshui articles for magazine.  Every articles i try to instil positive thinking to all attendees so people can be more positive and yet effective methods to implant wisdom compassion and face life obstacles with courage and fearlessness

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Image may contain: one or more people

Image may contain: 1 person, food


Welcome 2018 Talk left some seats register if u think u want to attend this exclusive event with good energy.

14th Jan 2018
NTUC auditorium
Time : 930am to 1pm.
Fees: $45, payment need to be made once register. please dont make job difficult for Cindy has she is my volunteer. When ask make payment just pay ba before class.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

A Talk Final Announcement

A yearly fengshui talk can be very simple. U just read adjust from Tong Shu and than say 12 animal and flying star. And talk over...

For me is not easy. Each talk preparation is 6 month. I need to calculate remedies and how to handle ur issues with techniques that u can use.

So this talk is been around 15 years le. But alot people are getting lazy to attend or register ahahahha.

This year I have prepared 6 pages of exclusive notes for  those who attend. And also , it must have super good merits and hengness that we can gather.

Sometimes U busy whole year, and u know there is only one date to gather for good luck, do make effort my old students.

Email to Closing date next Wednesday le:> Left 24 seats. I dont want to waste any seats u know:>

Welcome  Year of Dog Special Talk.
14th Jan 2018
Fees: $45
Time: 930am to 1pm.

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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Jan 2018 what to eat

Welcome 2018 Talk Left 28 seats. if u have not register do register this yearly fengshui talk::> Attend and good luck. Dont feel lazy , come and enjoy the good energy. Where on earth 600 pax gather to do positive affirmations together:>

Health concern in 2018:
House spray Protections often. And above ur head spray Tranquility spray and let the mist envelope u.

Remember this two spray is 10 years le, and the flowers every year will modify and free from chemicals.
Image result for fruits and luck
2018 what to do beside reading

Rat:  West side of bedroom or house or living room keep them clean. Can put 6D hulu or the twin hulu to enhance energy
2018 Jan: Use Love miracle blend final rinse
Red apple

Ox: NW of house if want can put dragon tortise help reduce tai sui effect and u must carry 5D coin.
2018 Jan: Use Flow oil final rinse body

Tiger: NE of any area can put 5D coin if there are small people
U are more concern with Small obstacles;
2018 Jan: Use Bryan relax blend final rinse
Kiwi Green

Rabbit: 6D hulu or hulu twin can put West to better health
Talk less really watch ur mouth dont be too arrogant.
2018 Jan: Use Victoria Secret final rinse

Dragon: North is a place u can take care to reduce obstacles by 5D coin.
2018 Jan : Use Awakening blend final rinse


Hi all

this year is quite difficult for me to pre pack ur orders and self collection for the 14th talk. Because leng leng and lai lai that period work shift work.

And mama and papa and me need to pack the items to set up for the event. Luckily have 2 students will help me load and unload the store.

So hope u dont mind, we pack and courier ur items. U can order before 14th Jan or after event de ok:.

Really Appreciate ur understanding:>

谢谢。 Age catching up aahahha, now hor to set up a event alone not easy. For past 18 years event big or small I ownself set up. Lately find abit tough because alot things to do.

That day event, I want to ensure best topics to u and let u enjoy ok:>

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Hi all


Fu Zai Yan Qian Coin is launched.

Is a must have for all to adopt as we make limited edition de:. Like flower coin wont have le:>

This coin usages and properties will be avaliable at on 1st Jan 2018. We have updated tiger le:> One man show need do many things so i update things slowly ah:>

U can order from

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Set for all

This is a power promotional Xmas set to thank all

15 set only

  1. Lavendula vera
  2. Peppermint
  3. Marjoram
  4. Aeonian
  5. bryan relax Blend

Abacus and Quartz

To order email to 

No automatic alt text available.

omhealth Black Tourmaline many years of BEST

For those who are new , our black tourmaline has been around for more than 10 years. And with alot of dood feedbacks.

No automatic alt text available.

Image may contain: close-up

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Monday, December 18, 2017

Healing Energy ; And may u be good health

This will be the 3rd week I have shared with many on  南无大孔雀明王尊。I sincerely hope all my students who read this article have faith with Cundi mantra which I have shared and now this mantra for safety and reduce illnesses. Omhealth share in details

2017 is a year of clearing the mess and also alot of shocking new informations to test u. Also alot of things or people let u see very clearly by now. Alot of times, omhealth keep things simple and use foodcure and advice rather than frighten u with so much informations.

Year end le: A more tension hippcups for many , from things spoilt to flu etc. But do remember is clearing ok:>
Last month I have tied up with a Clinic to provide free treatment for knee pain or back pain. I suggest u all go, and dont need sign package, the reason is the clinic wanna people to know what is physio so they allow 30 of omhealth students to go.

Free things go: Go for free, no need sign up, is omhealth effort to look for free pain relief for u all. Just go la, go le and forget it. Than ownself take care ownself.

Personally as a lao shi, I suggest u all to sign up go for free trial worth $200. And dont say I say, no need to sign just give them email (u can create a new email to register). The reason go go is to break the sickness star also. I hope left 2 weeks le, u all can make effort go for those always here pain there pain, just go one time, and forget it. Plant the energy of healing.

Below say knee but when u go there than say neck or back. Enjoy a pampering ok:>

I believe their clinic wan people to know but is sincere and not pushy.

Welcome 2018 14th Jan is very good talk and we plant in alot good energy for u all attendees and I hope old students make effort to attend.

Tomorrow we have articles on incense and 5d coin do read tomorrow articles.

In this era alot of times we are disturbed by health issues and unknown emotional stress. Alot of times are disturbance of the earth and Sea ( many dragon clan disturbed, this result alot of skin problems or sicknesses). SO is good we can learn a mantra to protect our health and also dedicate to all beings and our family members.

Again we must be careful what we learn so I have filter for u all the right website and in formations.

 Of course u can chant Medicine Buddha Mantra or any mantra u have learned. But I dont know why the 感应of peacock King Mantra can help many. I dont know how to express. But I hope u all can make an effort in ur homework to chant few times a day.

It was said that  many cancer patients are reciting  the  mantras daily for relief and easing their diseases. Some have benefitted with recovery. 

Lately my most discovery is, many who have sleep issues for years and sometimes see many doctors yet the sleep still bad. U can try chant chanting the mantra before sleep. I hope it helps. And so far I have 1 testimonial who sleep issues getting better and better to recovery.

No automatic alt text available.

Palm Size display: $188

U dont need to have a statue to chant or any blessings before chant. Just chant with pure heart will do. Omhealth has this statues because some like to collect and find good one. 

Omhealth has this peacock king Bodhisattva is for u all to be mindful and place at home for peace and good energy. Some fengshui master mention display of the statue is powerful remedies to sicknesses

Also to transmute negative energy to positive wisdom
Mantra of Peacock King Bodhisattva Mahamayuri - "Om Mayura Krante Svaha". Simply recite three times at your convenience. It not only help in easing and eliminating diseases, but also natural disasters, robberies, snatch thieves, and even sleep better.

Where to display?

I dont have to light incense or altar u can work with the statue as an art piece really very simple.
Suggested places to put

  1. We can put at living room, study room or dining room for those who like to protect the family health, especially if the household is being afflicted by the annual 5 Yellow or Illness Star #2 
  2. At the east side of the living room for family health.


Remember to go to right school. For us we just chant mantra. In Singapore have one Fa Hua Chan Si , have the peacock King Statue. Another one original is Taiwan.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Peacock King Mantra

I think most of u who have followed me for many years know sometimes when energy signal come the things I shared have reason. Remember to chant Peacock King Mantra ok.

I have alot of coincidental incident before introducing this mantra but again all mantra are good. Except lately i research on this and find is very suitable for this era. Start Chanting daily few times ok:> And dedicate to all beings and ur health issues.

U can

According to reasearch

Is recited for eliminating poisonous harm, 
but people also recite it for disturbance like black magic and to promote better sleep and also for recovery of sickness. 
in fact this mantra has a lot of different benefits for safety and protection against being trap or imprisonment.

In this era we need protection for sickness and so we can have healthy body mind to do work and do more good. If u daily feel difficult to put urself in practice or meditation , try to work with peacock King mantra before ur prayers ok:>

Image may contain: text


Omhealth has a few Peacock King Mantra liu li statue for u invite. Small enough for u put on desk of cupboard to remind ourselve of the positive energy.

The statue is $188.

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Image may contain: night

Image may contain: plant

No automatic alt text available.

6D Hulu COin 2018

FU ZAI YAN QIAN Coin only will be ready for activation in 25th DEC 2017 and will be shopping cart ok:>
Wait ah

I am more concerned this year 2018 u all remember to use ur 6Dhulu

And for his 2 star choose one ba that affect u. Remember to change yearly

But this sector is one corner of ur house and family ok. Save money. NO need buy. But if u find alot issues, get one put ba.

Most Important thing if u just wanna spend one. Put maindoor knob yearly change is the priority.

Image may contain: text

Thursday, December 14, 2017


14th Jan 2018

Welcome Dog Year 2018 is packed with very good information.

Heng Dragon tortise must seperately order thru because of this special wood the waiting time is long:> U need to order now if to receive by next year.
Things that can only be taught in class will be shared. Many old students still have not registered. So do take note ok:>

Do email to Cindy and make payment once registered.


Do quickly order ur Auspicious Incense and High Mountain Incense. Alot of usages and will be taught.
Image may contain: indoor

Stock will be low le:>

Stickers will be given for this set.


Updated the Flying Star for 2018. A Special Sector that can create alot of good energy in 2018.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

2017 Year End Challenges

Normally end of the year Nov Dec and Jan. Is like a cleaning up months. 

Performing the following for Dec and Jan .

  1. Heng Body Scrub
  2. 5 element oil rinse body
  3. Aura Gold wrist do buttery-fly dance.
  4. Use Foot patch:. vitarealm website have discount, u can use ur own brand also ok. ( VRPPROMO168 promocode) But u can choose other brand up to u.

The foot detox patch u can put few drops of Purification oil bottom of feet than paste.

Image may contain: one or more people

Bryan Lao Shi 小提示

1) 落伍的东西要放下来  ( Use marjoram and Ginger lily Massage stomach)

2) 处事要当机立断 (Use rose water on cotton compress eye 3 mins)

3) 多尊敬老师长辈,向前学习  (Use Awakening blend cotton inhale)

4) 谦虚待人,多为人着想。 (Use Bryan Relax blend do powerbath)

5) 自我反省检讨,从中找出解决方法 ( Use Purification and Peppermint to clear)

6) 不要坚持自己是对的,放下个人主观, 多听民意,重新planning ( Use Bergamot and PEppermint)

7) 避免神经紧张 (Peppermint and Lavendula and marjoram massage neck)


easily heaty and cough

Another dimension:

Things may happens

1) Things spoilt

2) Minor injury if u not mindful

3) Misunderstanding feeling 委屈

4) Luck is getting stress

5) Aches in body.

So this is the time chant mantra ok:>

And Omhealth is very thankful to few thousand of students.

Use alot of auraGold 20 oil and also 5 element oil to mob floor.

We receive prayers from Nepal, China and Sri Lanka and Cambodia. And i dedicate this to all of you.

Personally thank u.

Many students light lamp for omhealth and many whatsapp me but i dont have time to say thank u. So i thank u here.

Thank you. Omhealth is really blessed with Good energy and blessed. So the aura is really good.

 And besides that our students have put good quality incense in some temples so people can use nice incense to pray.

Image may contain: indoor

Image may contain: drink and indoor

Image may contain: candles, fire and food

Image may contain: flower

Image may contain: fire, night and candles