Friday, July 21, 2017

Aura 20 Oil

This oil worth $120 in market from what I know of the ingredients.

Omhealth 20th anniversary will produce 100-200 bottles only at $55 only to thank all. This oil scent is amazing and it has a blend of

Array of healing herbs

Now u see the energy nowadays are floating and feeling very scattered energy and uncomfortable lost.
With so many things fighting for your attention each day, sometimes u find that ur mind is pulled to all directions and u lost ur balance.
When we encounter a tough life obstacles or an emotionally issues or circumstance where things become too heavy on the mind, working with this oil help us the ability  to maintain balancestability, and presence of mind, no matter what is happening around you.
I find this oil blend has a power healing energy that bring alot of happiness and energy to a house when u diffuse it.

I hope this sincere blend help u to sail thru ur daily life from stress to sucess and the art of omhealth is never give up

I announce this oil is one of the highest vibrational blend in omhealth collections and I must say this price is really really really to thank you.
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30th July a blessing day

I was requesting a very good temple to let me have 100 pieces of this mantra card for students attendees to put in wallet ! This is very good for people when need travel late or work late and prevent negativity! Yes ! Omhealth will be arranging with the temple and also for all students have one blessed!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Protection Shields: Details

Entering a place can allow us to feel very comfortable and uplifted. but some place you go le, can feel energy depleted or uneasy. Because we are affected by the energy of that environment.
So for me, bring essential oil overseas , or at home use oil to wipe this wipe that is important. At all time Uncle want to work with aroma oil to clear that energy out and raise my family vibrational frequency.

In CHinese Fengshui, we talk about Sha qi and negative Stars that may enter our Bazi. But again, fengshui need to be re look at as many things happen in few thousand years ago may not valid. To me, using aroma oil and spray is best way to shield from negatibe energy. Also dont be too superstitious. Alot of time negative energy is created by our personal self.

they say when ur luck super bad, the fengshui master u meet also may make u more stress ahah. So I always says, when a person run into series of event... just sleep more at home, go to ur religious place quiet down once a week. Use aroma oil. Tha dont keep dwelling. In this world, if u dont help urself no one will really help u. Unlike in 80s people repsond and give adive. For now, if u whatsapp ur friends problems... at  most they tell u " dont think too much:......"

So help yourself: Luck has 10 years up and every ten years is norm for a person to have lower luck for that few months... this is a challenge... so u must be strong and determined.. Bad things will pass. But some people day and night message people luck not good... this aura of negative stick to them. I suggest them to see those Cambodia people every no food eat water drink. Than that is luck not good.

So all here... be strong... Laoshi also have luck up and down... Just that for lao shi when luck down. I wear my black tourmaline, i chant mantra to peace of mind... I go market more cook for mom and dad.... i think of charity work to help more people. And eeehhhhh very fast it passes... and good things come de.

Here is my favourite list
Image result for frequency aura
When a person aura is strong , negative energy cant enters. And negative energy is everywhere but if we think positive we ok. But how many times we fall into negative? So at all times shield urself. For me everyday, i put any oil on tissue and throw in my bag or wallet. Once the smell around shield is strong.
Image result for frequency aura
A person with compassion heart and also positive thinking 3 mins daily morning and working with oil has stronger shield than normal people. When shield is strong, we walk on earth with love and light and can help more people and dont fall into depression easily.
Start by leaving positive comments or post positive things in FB.
Related image

Five element oil since 2001
U ask any omhealth students since 2001, they know:> 
Is omhealth pure secret blend.  Specialize in clearing negativity from the home.  U can use to wipe floor wash toileta also sprinkle a little in bowl of salt and place each corner of each room in the house once a month for 3 days and throw away. This oil brings good luck to a new home. The scent helps a family to be harmony and avoid major clashes. Brings happiness to the home and will protect you in crowds.
Aromatherapy Usage  Bronchitis; Fatigue; Colds; Loss of Concentration; Migraine; Gout; Insomnia; Anxiety; Depression; Infectious Disease. 
Key Properties:  Tonic; Antidepressant; Refreshing; Uplifting; Fortifying; Purifying; Clearing; 

Cypress Oil Omhealth
Cypress will purify surrounding energies while uplifting vibration levels at the same time. You will feel grounded and secure as a result. I apply direct when very stress on palm.
I use cypress alot for Happiness; Harmony; Peace; During the HK record show, i use this oil in the shop, second day the shop strike lottery 2nd price, the chinatown market know about it le:>
I find this oil is for releasing and defense for good energy and symbolise Longevity.  I find this oil very blessing and protection energy very strong.It stimulates healing and eases the pain of losses of all kind. Like what u sick until like all hope gone... try this oil to gain back the dignity of life.
Aromatherapy Uses:  Wounds; bruises; Hemorrhoids, Varicose Veins; Cellulitis; Muscular Cramps; Edema; Poor Circulation; Rheumatism; Asthma; Bronchitis; Spasmodic Coughing;Nervous Tension; Stress-related Conditions; Treats inflamed/bleeding gums;Purifying; Relaxing; Warming; Reviving; Restorative; Comforting; Protective;  
omhealth healing frankincense and Holy sacred Frankincense
It is known for purification and  to remove negative influences in the body, aura, psychic and environment. Frankincense works well diffused in a room by putting few drops once a week in tissue and stick to fan blow house or aircon opening
I use direct on wrist , but some may find too strong u can dilute with rice bran oil.
In many chinese herbs is for blood stagnant or bruises issues and use externally as a wash for sores and bruises.  The scent is said to calm and clear the mind.
 In catholic church and some places they use for spirituality, exorcism, purification, luck and protection rites. 
For me  it helps in Blemishes; Dry and Mature Complexions; Scars; Wounds; Wrinkles; Asthma; Bronchitis; Colds; Coughs; Flu; Laryngitis; Cystitis; Anxiety; Nervous Tension; Stress-related Conditions. Frankincense has the ability to slow down, and deepen the breath - very conducive to prayer and meditation. 

omhealth Juniper Berry
I come across this herbs alot in tibet incense making lessons. It also use alot in slimming purpose and cellulite issues when diluted for massage.
This is a powerful herbs that purify negative energy in the environment and from other people, Juniper cleanses energies harmful to good health. Juniper can also transform negative emotions into positive. Very important right so many people emotion negative. So u can use for rinse on body too.
Peppermint is a powerful astringent action clears tension and negative vibes. There was a report in the news about the influence of aromas on drivers. Researchers reported findings that the smell of cinnamon  (Ten spice oil from omhealth) or peppermint can relax drivers’ tension and relieve driver fatigue while increasing alertness. Peppermint was also linked to minimizing driving frustration. The same goes for cinnamon.
So if u are driver overseas, bring ten spice oil and peppermint in tissue inhale.
Cedarwood (virginian) – a majestic tree that expresses a great spiritual strength, exactly whats needed in time of “attack of negative energies ” 
Through calming and soothing the mind, the oil has an affect on those experiencing insomnia.  I find this oil works well with lavendula vera and peppermint. Sleep power.
it is also a tonic for the nervous system, which will soothe the nerves and work as an antidepressant. And instills inspiration and creativity

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

30 July class is a special hengness class

I have design this class to benefits all and we are chanting mantra together also !let us rejoice ok!

We have 20 more seats do register now ! , csc club, 930 am


Sunday, July 16, 2017

Black Tourmaline Bracelet

U can order your Black Tourmaline Bracelet new version now. Very very nice

all version are limited. And Unique.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

20th Year Anniversary Oil (100 bottles only)

Oil of Golden Aura

This is a special Oil blended by me with Aged Sandalwood oil, Cambodia Agarwood (high quality) , Buddhawood and also a blend of diffferent herbs to create a very powerful scent.

It calm one’s active mind effectively, for that reason bringing inner peace to those that are searching for spiritual and healing. This blend posses medicinal benefit that  balance the body.
U can blend 6 drops with 15ml rice bran oil and give it to friends as a gift. This will be a powerful blend for massage or healing.

This oil will be launched on 30th July 2017 in the hengness talk.

U can pre- order as is very limited edition;

A bottle 6ml at $55


This is a very powerful oil to add to your healing collections. It will be announced very soon.

Friday, July 7, 2017


Omhealth are sending July Newsletter to Students. If u have changed your email probably u didnt receive ur newsletter. U can request to be added to newsletter by email to and cindy will compile.

Newsletter has

1) Health
2) Good Luck (religious content and fengshui)

U can specify which u prefer.

I am currently sending luck newsletter issue 3 till Sunday.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Special 30th July 2017

30th July 2017 

A special workshop created for all students to renew your energy. Many may find the past six months is kinda of challenging. But aren't u all feeling better now?

Sometimes when we fall into obstacles... we may be overwhelmed but again this blog has provided to many information for us to sail thru the obstacles.

Now if u think back.... is not that bad.

Having strong energy aura is very important at this era of time. And simple visualization and affirmations builds strong aura.

Let us 100 gather to do Affirmation together and with mantra and songs. Also u will learn some Joss paper new pattern and pray pray methods too.

Dont forget our date 30th July 2017
Fees: $38
Location CSC (will email for confirmation exact address)
email to :
(we have 30 more seats)

Image result for aura light protection visualisation

Let us gather and cleanse and clear our energy to welcome the next 6 months with good intention and happiness.

Image result for aura light protection visualisation

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Crystal formation: Quartz and Formations

Hi all

the high energy Healing Quatz this era is good to use and very difficult to have this type le

U can put one on chest relax or both hand hold one.

My first Quartz was in 1998 also dont have so beautiful one:. But till today i use it.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Charity project students and friends only 

Open for 30 friends and students

Our next project is October 2017

1) uniform for students in Cambodia

2) planning help out Tibet blind school 

3) medicine for needy

U can donate today deadline by 12 tonight ! When donate intention merits to all beings ; 

Newbies do ur charity anythwere urself , uncle no time explain details ;

Email to:

358036058 Chow Mee Lian POSB Savings

From $20 to any amount ; ending tonight 12 pm

So coincidental and I pray and draw lot for general for all! And the words say even accumulate merits ahaha and wan ask be strong and all things be ok! Re u happy students ! 

Powerful Information Release (written in 2010, modify for 2017)


Fees: $38

Updated the shopping cart for lucky items:

Today the Big Jing Gang Ball.

Dont forget early this year I launched the Bai Wu Jin Ji Coin, any many of u slowly aware why this coin is being launched. Because many small issues happen and also Why I launched the 六合 ( and I mentioned alot things is happening because of misunderstanding)。

They are still avaliable:; Read this articles for the coin and the Liu He again

Omhealth every year will design a coin and this coin indivdual has their own properties and can be used forever

Famous Items

1) Gui ren bag since 2007   $38

2) Flower Coin 2010  $38

3) BBC COIN Powerful balance Bazi and peace 2012  $48

4) Bai Wu Jin Ji Coin 2017  $28

No automatic alt text available.

Below Articles is compiled from 2008 to 2017:

Intention today is important. Omhealth has created 10 Star Set as shown below at $55. Also I have acquire to have the rare high vibration Quartz one between $55 to $68. Also those who need heng ball can adopt today.

So to order from email from today. U can email and say

u with want: A) Star Formations set $55 

( the pic with star formation )

B) Ask me select a Healing Harmony Quartz ( one piece of the clear Quartz bigger one ) 

with phone and address, payment to be made before courier. Leng Leng will advise for u on total amount.

No automatic alt text available.No automatic alt text available.

Small set formation: u can put on table for healing and make affirmations;

For Quartz u can see the video below.


Today Friday 30th June 2017 is known as the Heaven Door Open Day. For few thousands of years, many important people including the ancient emperors observed this day as a very important day. (Hey hey I am very serious about this research.)

Ti Gong is very compassionate and this day, will ride with dragons and an army of Gods to inspect the earth and help people who are sincere and improve to better luck.

Strong intention of

1) Repent and regret own wrong doing is important

2) U can Chant any mantra and dedicate to all beings (chant 108 times). And also dedicate to Ti Gong

3) Than for those whose parents are around, chant Amitabha and dedicate to their health and well being and thank them for their love and not to take for granted. Those parents who are not around, chant 108 time Namo Amitabha dedicate to them for peace and happiness.

Alot of people do alot of things to gain merits but the basic of 饮水思源 is important. Some people can here pray there pray but zero effect. I always ask them, have u take care of ur parents and even u dont have time to pray there will be auto blessings. 

Spend some time to do prayers for parents and if those parents still around, spend some time for them is important. No one in this world care for us without condition like our parents.

A Master advise on Pets Cemetry at home.

U can cry for ur pets, set up small tomb at home for ur pet, but first ask, did u honor ur ancestor first. This energy alot youngster must take note. Once a very old master says" Nowadays youngster, set up a small mini cemertry for pets at home, this create Yin energy , for some health may be affected. Because ur own ancestor, u also never pray proper and u put ur focus on ur pet "funeral".

One of the reason I see many not 顺。

I think what the master try to say is, do honor ur ancestor and gratitude.

Remember Heaven Door Open Day:

U can choose to go temple burn some Ti Gong Joss paper. Or as simple as lighting some incense at home and than look at the Sky Says

Dear Ti Gong: My Name is Heng Ga Gao Gao

Today is Heaven Door open day, I would like to express my thanks for all I have in life and thank you. I would like to confess the negative actions and thoughts I have accumulated and I would ask for forgiveness and slowly become a better person. Thank You. I would ask for blessings to my parents and family . Thank You.

Extra Procedure:

Cleanse your office with a combination of any oil here or 5 element oil. Touch all ur crystals and rub some oil on it. It will vibrates at very good energy.

1) Purification Blend, 5 element oil, Cypress Oil, Hinoki (u can order now is rare)


Below are some more elaborate ways.

A 2010 Article below:

Early this morning, a very old compassionate 师姑 called to remind me to share with people about this Heaven Door Open Day because it will help many who suffers from chronic illnesses, bad luck for a long long time and with many blessing. (The aunty's friend once saw the Heaven door opened when looked up the sky). Remember all of you deserved to be happy and good luck if you are a good person. So let the Heaven Door Open Day release your worries ok :)

The Heaven Door Open Day falls on  7th Day of every 6th Lunar Month 六月初七. This is a day Where the Gate of Heaven Open. Jade Emperor together with all the Gods, Fairies , Angels will gather and bestowed blessing onto people. For me, I feel the energy of this day. For some who have Yin Yang eyes, do look up the sky and tell me what you saw.

In scientific terms, you can explain it as the gravitational pull, the stars alignment increases the magnetic force of certain wavelength. This wave length can heal stress and pain. Brings happiness to one. Its applies the same theory of using magnets on our body or use acupuncture to improve the "Qi" of the body, this healing "Qi" is now flowing freely in the heaven for a day.

Have experienced many different encounters in luck over the years, I really wish to help more people whether you believe it a not. I believed.

What should we do?

For omhealth blog readers and no knowldge of JOss Paper:

A) Bath yourself with 5 elements oil. Light Kim's sandalwood powder to invite happiness to your house.

B) Look up the sky, say out your name and SMILE. Give thanks to what you have now. Thereafter, say out your problems, health conditions and ask for blessing.

C) You can hold your crystals to enhance the blessing.

This is a proven method to improve health, luck and personal developement.

For other religions:

Just look up the sky and do some prayers. Treat this day as everyday, except that the EMF "Qi" is stronger on this day :)

Students who have attended "大家拜拜来好运" Da Jia Bai Bai Lai Hao 

USe ur Joss paper Power.

Although my English is not very good. I hope you can feel my sincerity to share my knowledge and learnings. Hopefully those who have sufffered for a long time in your life, can look up to the sky this day please. For those who are very good luck, look up to the sky too. Give thanks and smile.


Heaven Door Open Day - I will further activate all my mala and crystals. You can place your order now to receive by courier on that day. If you have any crystals, SUN it for 5 mins on this day. CHEERS.

2008 Article

History Research.

The Chinese has observed this day for more than thousand of years. Even before the birth of many Religious leaders including 乾隆Qing Dynasty emperor (most powerful era) talked about this day. Many heard and see the signs of Heaven Door Open. I don't call it superstitious but rather, auspicious.

[If Moses can reached out his hand over the Red Sea. And with great power, God pushed aside the waters, and blew a mighty wind that divided the sea in half! ]
 Yes. I believed in miracles.
Things I cannot see or explain but has been passed down for thousand years, there must be a reason for it. Use our wisdom to see and learnt why our ancestors had preserved this tradition and passed down over generations. It is very very meaningful and should be a lesson to be taught to your children...On this day of Heaven Day Open, we reflect, give thanks and smile. Putting religion aside, do you think this is a kind of chinese virtuous of 德?

do not think it is considered religious or superstitious just by looking at Heaven to Pray. Chinese experts studied star signs thousands of years ago, and this day was predicted where the energy of Magnetic wave is very special.

What our ancestors normally do on Heaven Door Open Day?

1) Have flower shower
2) Touch all Stones to absorb the good "Qi". [Highest magnetic energy]
3) Pray and burn joss paper
(In ancient time the joss paper needs to fill in many things, you write down your problems, reflection on it, burn and remind ourself to improve our personality and cultivate virtuous)
4a) Confession of wrong doings
4b) Smile and ask for blessing. Many recorded improvement in health and luck after the prayers
4c) Give Thanks for what you have
4d) Smile again
What can you do on Heaven Open Door Day?

1) Shower with any kind of essential oil (especially 5 elements oil)
2) Touch your crystals and do 636 breathing exercise 3 times (3 = Tian Di Ren)
3) If you do not burn joss paper, simply write down on a piece of paper: Things that have been troubling you, than cancel it out with a red pen.
4) Look up at the sky. Smile and do 4a,b,c and d.
5) All of us are equal. Respect each other. Practice Equality to people you like, people you do not like and people you do not care for.
6) Omhealth will have the gold swaroski mala with Tzi activated. U can visit miscellaneous at shopping cart.

2013 Articles

Improve House Fengshui within the week after Heaven Door Open day:

Improve health and family luck

1) WASH toilet with coconut brush and rose geranium and 5 element oil and CIF.

2) Than Scrub ur body with Heng heng Scrub and final rinse 5 element oil.

3) Go to every corner of your house and say " comfort peace and warmth" Spray Space Clearing Tranquility

4) Light ur coil incense or the omhealth High Mountain incense 

[ Bless your home with love. Put love in every corner so that your home lovingly responds with warmth and comfort. Be at peace. ]

Improve Person QI:

Do deep breathing exercise 478 breathing exercise. 3 times ANd smile. Close your eyes and smile to 5 organs: Say from heart, I smile to liver, I smile to Kidney, I smile to heart, I smile to Lungs, I smile to Spleen.

Than spray Tranquility Healing spray. Wear your omhealth crystal bracelet this day and go out.

Within this week, use any oil rub to crystal and say Love and Light ANd thank you very good.

2013 Article

What to say today

Happy heaven door open day 
Those if temple chant mantra dedicate to ur personal karmic debt ask them 离苦得乐!
Also temple look at statue of holy chant many mantra today and dedicate to TI gong ahaha ;
If remember abit pray for omhealth to flourish Ba ahaha 
Today if can vegetarian half day Ba;
1) when pray at temple any time ; look at sky say
; greatest respect to Ti GOng and all Gods and all enlightened one;
Today heaven door open day , my name ........., stay at .......... May my ( ur issues in life) be resolved , ur health ( specific problems if have) if parents pray for parents first....
Also 身边坏人变好人,小人变贵人。
Confess ur bad temper character and say u slowly be a better person and also be helpful to more people!

Thursday, June 29, 2017


Bryan will be at temple orchard at 1 pm!

Wish all good luck ! Pray for wellness and peace at heart and also say thank u to 天公!

Also tomorroW grace will open a charity for the Cambodia project uniform for kids!

I also specially design some crystals formation ! 

Friday touch ur crystals or have some adopted new crystals super good energy! 

30th July 2017 ** (for students only, religious content)

Good Luck together meetup Hengness Talk
(for those who attended omhealth talk before)

Early this year i mentioned is a year of communication and gossip issues and things will surface up fast and yet resolve fast. But is very tiring for many. Bevause of many uncertainity. What can we do together to have a more stable life. Human has up and down but how can we cushion our heart to maintain stability at all time.

Also we would like to thank all for helping in Cambodia, Sirk Lanka and Tibet project. We have togetherness help many in daily life. So count ur blessings ok.

Left 30 seats only.

Date: 30th July 2017
Venue: CSC (to be announce location exact)
Time : 930am to 12pm
Fees: $38
Limited seats , need to register early
email to
Free the activated Peachwood:>

Things we do:>
1) Meditate breathing exercise
2) Affirmation EFT togetherness
3) Simple crystal healing method
4) Tips for Month August 2017 to January 2018 to watch out
5) Chant chant chant together:>

Image may contain: food

16th July Tea House talk is cancelled

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

This two months 

In order to improve the energy of house cleaning fridge and with a cloth using oil can help ! 

Fridge represent family wealth career and female health! If is messy and not working well it can create a lot issues! So clean ur fridge this two weeks! 

Also after u cleanse ur fridge light omhealth high mountain incense powder and also out beside omhealth healing vase ! It create a good energy for house !


Sunday, June 25, 2017

Hi all in future if in class you all wan give me present right , give me this tea ! Sometimes I will give to people who have health issues when pack items to courier! 

So safe money no need get me biscuit or sweets just tea tulsi and in turn I can help more people!

future if 

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Small class teaching tomorrow 

Packed item for tomorrow class and we have upgraded our door gifts ! lol I change abit ok but for better and more ! See u all students !

There will not have sales of items tomorrow as not enough manpower, but u can email to order by today, so we can pack. But if i no reply email means u email too late le.

No automatic alt text available.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Turquoise green

This item really really bring calmness and a lot of peace! And very rare now this grade congrats all who have ! xa

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Gui ren activation method

Since the welcome 2017 year talk i have mentioned that this is a year of Shi Fei and from that month till many things happening, i stress in blog ways to overcome shi fei.

Below a slide, where i teach people activate gui ren back in 2014 in temple ahaha:>

Image result for gui ren bag
Shi fei star is not just about gossiping but also about challenges one may face in health, relationships and career. Example, alot people will think the bad than the good of human, relation and situations.

So a person with proper religion (like if u are any main religion in Singapore, and u have faith with ur religion will be good). I suggest those who always say free thinker, go to study some religion studies in a proper school .

2017 is a year, talk less and do more. Unless u are a person of very discipline and well energies and know the art of speaking if not ur works may become swords and spoilt alot of  opportuninites/


For my religion advise:

Chant daily more on
Choose one below and focus.

U can day time chant Cundi mantra 21 times follow by Ommani padmehung

Evening time Chant Namo Amitabha 21 times

For me i chant when walking home from MRT or when in Mrt.

1) Namo Amitabha
2) Om Mani Padme Hung
3) Cundi mantra


How to have Gui Ren energy more in your life?

omhealth has 2 items which is good to activate the Gui ren is
1) Gui Ren Bag (launched since 2006)
It was imparted in Brisbane from an Ang Mo top sales in MLM ahahha when i was young, the use of this activated stones to symbolise abundance

2) bai Wu Jin Ji Coin
Created to enhance the effect of Gui ren energy and reduce people from affecting our mood.

U can put both together in a nice pouch and do any affirmations.

To increase Gui ren energy in ur life.


Ur handphone must have phone numbers of 18 successful people. And when this 18 person any of the 3 birthday, remember to send them birthday wishes. Or get them a small present once a year.

Also if can found out the richest and most kind hearted and add in.

Many people scare to have boss number, and keep talking bad about ur company and ur boss.
Look, every experience in your life is a creation of good energy for ur future and every obstacles mold u to better energy.

Alot of people including me less time, will talk gossip about boss ah or ur manager during lunch.
This create a energy of "piercing luck star" .

Piercing Luck Star: is known as ungrateful star, even the boss not nice, he still give u monthly pay and also do things that give u income. If u complaint too much , this piercing star will eat away ur luck. I come across so many people, keep complaining job, than one day kana retrench and super worry sad.

I suggest , if ur boss or manager no good. According to ur religion pray daily or chant mantra dedicate to the person.


If u manage to chant mantra from pure heart and dedicate to all beings and even ur boss or manager.... u become the power people Gui Ren, even u term them as good or bad.

U see, whether Boss good or bad, they must have something with them that become ur boss. Saying negative things to Boss or gossip behind is a mistake many makes and me too last time love to gossip with colleague in lunch time but hor, more gossip more suay.

B) Respect and think for others bring more gui ren star shine on u.

Example, i spend alot of time on articles and blog and u think who still keep writing blog ahah. So is good to learn to before askin questions check the answers inblog. U dont private message me as and when u like from FB etc because is not easy for me to keep looking at computer. Again many wont understand until they attend my workshop , and understand omhealth is one man show.

So remember work related , use email and will take my time to reply. If i didnt reply, i will reply as a articles for u. Imagine daily 30 over FB messages, whatsapp 100 over...

Oil for Gui ren

Omhealth Spearmint, Love miracle blend, rose water and Granduer facial oil

Food to increase Gui Ren:

Figs:> and Dried longan.

Stay tune for wash toilet day:> tonight. Power Gui ren activation.

Dont miss the 30th July 2017 talk:>


Ok i need to go Work first, later expand on this article

Friday, June 16, 2017

omhealth Charity Group

Hi thanks alot the 30 friends and students who help omhealth in this project , in just 6 month we manage to help 3 villages to have drinking water. And rejoice

thanks for always support omhealth.

I really no time to mention workshop and products u all remember ownself see see ok:>

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Products Details

No automatic alt text available.

Omhealth haircare series very good ; Do enjoy.

Packing is slow from me as both helpers overseas and thank u for understanding.

Witch Hazel Toner ( Facial Mist) $35

Image result for witch hazel

Minty feeling for the skin. In Singapore weather, many may have allergy body skin , hands and legs sometimes will have hives, so this mist works well for that.

This mist is best as it is packed with natural witch hazel , vitamin b5 and ginger.

It seems to have great effect of hives, and skin allergy for the body.  It helps to balance the sebum level of skin result in smooth dewy skin. The antiseptic properties of witch hazel helps to sooth and calm allergy skin. Ginger is included to enhance the skin circulation. It combines with Witch Hazel to tighten pores  and boost skin microcirculations.

After Gym and cardio workout shower le, spray face prevent outbreaks.

use in office for face.

  • Helps restores vital moisture to dry skin exposed to environmental stressors such as air pollution, UV rays, chlorinated pool/tap water and ocean salts revealing fresh, rejuvenated, softer skin.
  • Light, refreshing mist infused with Pro Vitamin B5 and other phyto-nutrients.
  • Free of parabens, propylene glycol, DEA and gluten.

When to use:

when ur skin in offce feel tired, spray on face or body or neck. (eyes close hor)
– tone your skin prior to applying make-up;
– refresh in between on a hot summer day;
– moisturise your skin after make-up removal or after squeeze black heads

Facial Toner:

Lavender water and Rose hydrosol is a daily must; The witch hazel act as a carry to office mist powerful healing for skin.

Bay Laurel: $55 6ml
Image result for bay laurel
It calm and ground a person heart. It clear heart sadness and symbolise victory.

Accordging to studies is its ability to help ease pain brought by neuralgia, which is severe pain that occurs due to a damaged nerve. It can also assist in stimulating blood vessel contraction, and relieve pressure on the nerves. This can considerably alleviate pain.

But for me i blend with 3 oil in carrier oil and is wonderful to try later i show u all.

Is a month of challenge and Shi fei (ooops i am in health blog) This oil comes in right time.

This oil is very good.  It blends well with frankincense, juniper berry, lavendula vera, bergamot and clary sage and cypress, and orange. U can create a powerful healing aura blend

help in reducing pain from joint and muscle problems (including sprains and arthritis), and coughs and colds, viral infections, and flu. It also functions as a decongestant and can be used to assist in treating respiratory problems when inhaled.

Just 20ml rice bran oil: Blend 5 drops of Bay Laurel and the others 10 drops u mix.

SpearMint: $35
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A scent that create wonderful energy for system, and like awaken ur senses and mind to new level of Hope and Happiness.

  • Helps in digestion and helps reduce occasional stomach upset
  • healthy respiratory function
  • lears the mind and uplifts mood

Emotional Benefits
It soothe a person's mood and if u suffering from depression or stress, or mental exhaustion, it can be energise revitalise and encouragement. And it helps sharpness of mind and confidence in sharing your thoughts to encourge people.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Guan Yin Mantra Updated

I have updated for u

Hi all the limited talk seats for 30th July 

Hengness with Bryan do register fast is half filled le:> Open for students who attended workshop before:>

Overcome Stress Pendant: $68 and has arrived 8 pieces:>
U can order now:>
I find this pendant very calming and is very useful for calming the mind and heart.

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Sunday, June 11, 2017

A little Tips for Better Month---- to be continued

Om Mani Padme Hung

Is almost half of the year gone. But in Chinese lunar month we are still in the 5th lunar month?

How have u all been? Remember this 2 months , carry yourself in ur handbag or ur workbag or office put Tranquility spray and a bottle of fresh morning oil can let u let go of anger and clear block situation very fast.

A) Tranquility Healing Spray  : Clear the fire and situation
B) Fresh morning oil use more for those who are not 顺。

When spray visualise the mist clear negative and smile. When u the oil dab or wrist and relax.

The fire burning formation has caused alot of politics to surface up and health issues to be surface but solutions are always there for you just that many were exhausted by what is happened and forget the tools that you are equipped with.

Now easier way is to daily Chant any Guan Yin School mantra example

1) Cundi Mantra
2) Kwan yin Mantra
3) Ommmani padmehung

Choose one and chant minimum 21 times morning . If u can seat still, u walk and chant , on the way to bus stop. And after you chant dedicate the merits to all beings. And also say, may urself today be like Guan Yin and people who see you be well too.
When u cultivate this simple method u will slowly get out of situations that u re stuck with.

Tea Art:

For people who face alot of blockages; Start making omhealth gold tea with a dash of omhealth ginger. When u drink say: Om ah Hung 3 times (before or after u drink)/


Buy a item from market that u can scrub ur back. This clear the negative energy hidden in "body" use ten spice oil to do the scrub. U will feel good.

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Rat this year is "Po Tai Sui" u will have wealth and opportunity but alot of Shi fei. U can look for north of ur living room or house put the brass hulu. Ur mind is easily stress this year, working with TianLU Hulu with essential oil is important. Also use ten spice oil on it.

Ox this year is ur  relationship luck with people improve this year, but have a five element star that affect u which cause health as a challenge. But with ur determination u be fine. Put 6 d coin hulu in office , will be helpful.
This few months use some oil for shower

Tiger: Alot of good star helping u but overwhelm with work. This few months use more awakening oil and also a "SUN" photo as ur laptop or iphone screen saver. U health if is a concern u can put the brass hulu at the SE of house or living room or bedroom

Rabbit:  Cong Tai Sui, well by now u should know the number of mini pop up incidents that people give u headaches or work.

I will do a facebook LIVE soon on these to continue at 10am today:>


Just listen this for a week if u are very lost now:>

There are many way to chant Cundi mantra

Beginners can chant the short version : Om Cale Culi Cundi soha as shown in my

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Renew your Energy 101 ways ahahha

I still remember the first time I conducted Crystal and Color Healing therapy at TPY Safra back in 2001.

To have this course to be conducted it need to go thru approval . And slowly thru hardword and faith to help more people , omhealth was invited to many statboard to conduct Crystal and Healing talk.
From CAAS (pyramid meditation) to a number of places.

2001 to 2017: I find that the stress level of people are getting serious. Although there are many technqiues taught but alot of us forget the basis and when a shocking problems arises (from retrenchment to health issues) many lost of focus.

Most of us react by
1) finding fault something wrong with house fengshui
2) Ask here and there and over worries
3) Lost of faith in all ur religion and believes.

But a person who daily practice of affirmation and prayers(ur own religion) and performing aromatherapy acupressure breathing exercise will be able to handle these stress.

In ancient time our ancestors used talisman to turn aside misfortune and bad luck. We can also use it to turn away energies that we do not wish to expereince and give it some time.

Bryan" Talisman" to turn away negative energy

Those with black tourmaline or my bracelet as it is activated, so add a drop of ur favourtite oil and rub it in. Than put on belly button, relax on bed 5 mins with a youtube music u like. See how ur energy flow ok:> Is very important to do that.

A) Continue to pray in respect to ur religion. But do give urself a day or 2 to rest and do things that u like to do.
B) Use aromatherapy oil like : Awakening , Purification, Vitality for shower or put tissue throw in ur bag. Use 5 element oil wipe house This helps to seal the aura , preventing stray energies from affecting you. It also helps u to dispel negative thoughts. As we know negative thoughts grows wild and ur thoughts paints ur future.
Energy renewal u can expereince within 3 days to 3 months.
C) Foot reflex urself or go Diaoso buy this $2 foot rest. And apply essential oil at side of ankles and step on it awhile daily. As this open up ur health and personal luck.
D) Look for a charity bodies do some simple donations and leave it as anonymous (when u donate just donate , dont think of this donation will help u bring u luck. Just throw in the $10 and walk aways)
E) If luck super low, once a week between 5am to 7am, walk the stone 3 mins near ur house and when walking the stone chant CUndi mantra 3 mins . Or stand on the stones.
F) If feeling anxiety and fear and lost: Check chinese calender when there is 除日,go see a TCM like from Thong Chai or Buddhist free clinic. And if u are having a very long queue means i clearing ur negative energy and during the wait bring a book read and must read positive books.

G) I keep telling u, Omhealth Gold Tea with two slice ginger works wonder. Keep drinking 4-5 times a week before 12pm. It raise ur aura.

Temple to Visit: Si Ma Lu Guan Yin Temple: Bring u own good quality incense go (buy a packet from incense shop, keep some at home, so when go u bring)
H) Money career issues, put 5 element oil 5 drops to the Peach tian lu once a week and rub from head to tail and say:
" I give thanks joyfully for the gifts i receive"
I) Health issues: put 5 drops ten spice oil on the tianlu hulu once a week and everynight rub the hulu says
" I resonate with love and release all else to the Universe"
J) Foodcure for luck improvements.
U can use any Honey but personally i respect this company and the honey Acacia is from a bodhi tree:

Drink Acacia honey and add a pinch of tumeric and a mini tiny black pepper 3 times a week. This clear negative energy in body.

K) Break away negative and bad luck energy in ur body. U can put healing trees oil a drop at ur foot wear sport shoes and go to ur house downstair pull up bar. Than bring a bottle of vitality oil. Put a drop in tummy (or apply before hand). Than hand at the bar 10 seconds. repeat 3 times.

This is method was created by bryan lao shi. The theory is our spine is the energy of luck. Some people spend $$$$$$ to clear this energy. But ahahahaha a sinple oil and hold this position helps to balance body energy and create good luck.

Try it, after doing u feel better and ur luck come. Those luck improve do go shopping cart shopping auto ok:> ahahah

K) Image result for hang on pull up bar


Drink pumpkin soup if sleep issues problems. Drink twice a week. Works wonder. When sleep good luck good.

M) Appreciate others effort. Alot people thought this blog is easy to write. IS not at all. And i appreciate students who with me for many years know that omhealth is one man one brain one person. And i do respect students who limit their question and ask by email. Sometimes i cant answer but and u all know i write articles immediate for u all. Also with technology developmenent. Everyday ir eceive 80 over whatsapp and alot of times are asking how much certain items is and where to buy things. I will try answer when free but normally cant le. Because getting old, eyes if everyday work like that and see ur messages i cant ahahah.

FOr my work now, i can choose not to reply any message of call anyone de but i think thats not me. So i continue to be the bryan lao shi u all know. But when come to profession dont joke with me or take for granted ok. 

Courier company once again increase courier fees by 50 percent and transport fedex also . So our courier fees for one item is $11 and big items is $15 now. So when u want repair ur bracelet please include courier fees for us. All courier fees for omhealth is $5 . We thank u for ur understanding :>

Mantra to chant for Buddhist or Taoist friends:

A) CUndi mantra  a must daily 49 times or 108 times.
Dedicate to world peace and ur family and urself and all beings.

Bring a packet of shell peanuts  and sweets to Kwan Yin Temple and a bunch banana put right side of the altar when u facing the kwan yin , ur right.

Pray le, bring home some sweets and peanuts to eat. Banana u can leave there.

(peanuts bring the one with shell, so when u eat at home means break away dark energy and renew)


A) 30th July 2017 is a last minute talk but made for old students to renew ur energy:> U need to be Niam.

B) Two new oil Bay Laurel limited edition and Spearmint will be launched. IS very good oil to collect and use for healing.


A 2005 articles renew

Admin : Leng

Lately did a market research:

The High mountain necklace was sold $600 in some places. All have their right to sell at all price de. So for those who get from me at $288 congrats de. Is a very good necklace to wear for sleep etc.

For those who collect will appreciate alot :>

Lately many told me their black tourmaline Dzi , which when go out take a look for energy one cost $680 plus just the Dzi.

Omhealth has maintain this at $380 to $480. $480 will be the around $800 plus.

This has no price de. And cant mass produce as those who have the black tourmaline bracelet will know.
A current survey done, and many feedbacks of its clam energy.

King of Healing Bracelet Black Tourmaline Heaven earth Design

U dont have to wear all the time, u at home or travel than wear. As u need to work so sometimes not convenient. Just sometimes put on tummy and relax.

This bracelet known for protective formtation to repel negativity . It  cleanses and balances the aura. Also remind u to be positive at all situations. So take note, nothing in world can prevent all these, what u need to go thru u need to go thru but reduce the effect

FOr years many work with the purifying energies of Black Tourmaline for both physical and emotional healing purposes.
This bracelet was founded in 2005 period and can help to strengthen one's fortitude against a highly negative environment, such as what can commonly be found in the workplace. 

To use it to protect against stress and to minimize obsessive thoughts. You can put a drop of oil on the bracelet , apply it abit . Than put on head with palm to relax it can help you to remain detached and neutral, and better able to make wise decisions even amidst confusing situations.


1) Wear at home if not convenient in office. But many wear when stress can feel the calmness. So u can put in bag, take wear awhile when typing in office.
2) U need to increase your energy , sometimes put on palm and the other palm on it ans seat down relax.

Below is a class i teach for healing meditation .

Seat on floor or chair. Left palm put black tourmaline. Right palm above head , seat for 5mins. Improve health and release tension.

Do you know by giving yourself 5 mins a day on crystal meditation can strengthen ur aura

Black Tourmaline ready for order witb name movile and wrist size and DOB

Go garden walk and do breathing exercise