Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Aura 20 Oil Affirmations

Our energy fields, interact constantly with the energy of others. It' is common for us to take on some of the energy of other people.

For example,  have u ever feel so happy than when spend time with someone sour and negative, only to find that your good mood has evaporated? 

U must have taken on some of the energy of the negative person.

Aura 20 Gold Oil is really a special blend by Omhealth 20th Anniversary

Is blended with 
Buddhawood, Sandalwood, Agarwood, Elemi and series of herbs and crystal energy.


Aura 20 oil can be use to create body aura massage oil

20 ml rice bran oil and mix 10 drops aura 20 oil. U can use for body massage daily.

Direct usage is 2 drops on wrist and sweep ur aura with intention to cleanse ur aura.

Extra things to do to have clean aura

  1. Here's an easy one. Drink a glass of water--filtered or spring water, if possible. Make sure you drink approximately 9-12 cups of pure water a day.
  2. Take a warm bath after that rinse with aura 20 oil from a small pail of warm water.
  3. rub a drop aura20 oil to navel.Spend five minutes breathing deeply into the lower third of your lungs, so that your belly rises with each inhale and falls with each exhale. As you inhale, feel the clean air restoring and refreshing and renewing your body and energy field. As you exhale, feel your body and field being cleared of unwanted and negative energy, and anything that doesn't serve you anymore. Out with the old, in with the new!

ENergy center of body can affect our body mind and emotion.

Many of us have root energy center inbalance. Result to be not successful what we want to do. Using aura 20 and work with affirmations can overcome the following issues

Overactive: Fearful, nervous, impatient, or belligerent; materialistic or greedy; resistant to change.
Underactive: Lacking a sense of being at home or secure anywhere, lacking desire to want anything out of life, needy, unable to get into one’s body, fearful of abandonment.
2 drops Aura 20 oil into ur bracelet or palm and warm ur palm

No automatic alt text available.

  1. I have many assets and my safety needs are always taken care of.
  2. I am grounded.
  3. My Now and Future is financially secure.
  4. I am abundant.
  5. The universe will always provide for me.
  6. I am always supported and shown the next steps to take.
  7. I claim my energetic footprint.
  8. It is my birthright to receive support in all forms.
  9. I claim good health.
  10. I claim a healthy body.
  11. I claim abundance.
  12. My needs are always met.
  13. I am anchored and connected to Mother Earth.

Power of Heng ball

Wa time flies , heng ball 3-4 years anniversary le. U can refer to the articles on left label under heng ball to read how it comes about and 16 articles of heng ball

CLICK HERE than scroll down, u will see all articles

When omhealth launched its heng ball, the feedbacks till today is tremendously good. Even few companies try to copy our heng ball. But u cant copy the energy activated de.

Today announced that we are making another batch heng ball. And u can order with love and light.

Heng Ball was first imparted to bryan by a teacher many years ago. It can improve house energy simple and easy.
All should have a clear heng ball. And others I can choose for u. Or u can choose ur own color from shopping cart

No automatic alt text available.
U can put anywhere of your liking.
No automatic alt text available.
Heng Ball Properties

1) red heng ball purify energy so it can flow smoothly, our life force remains strong and healthy.  is a great energizer, helping you to overcome lethargy, negative thoughts and self-doubt. And be more enthusiastic

2)  Blue for bedroom inspires deep peace and happiness. It bring tranquility and harmonious energy, encouraging one reminding us to have restful sleep. 

3) green/Pink/deep green overcome feelings of self-doubt. It opens up the energy of the heart, attracting new opportunities. It helps to increase confidence, self-worth and optimism. As your mind and energy field open up, you are able to see the infinite abundance and opportunities that surround you.

4) Tones of different yellow heng ball
is  light and happiness. It doesn't hold any negative energy and emits large amounts of positive energy. It remind ur to stop worrying future and let go PAst and be in the NOW. It creates miracles. It is a manifestation yellow heng balland inspire u you to dream big, maintain a positive state of mind and attract everything you want in your life.

Limited edition Jin Gang Ball
Transmutes negative energy and acts as a protective shield against unwanted energy. It helps you to let go of old patterns and belief systems that are holding you back. It releases all blocked, old and stagnant energy in the body. Once all of your old energy is removed, new energy is able to fill the open space with light and hope.

Birthday ball can be adopted for yourself to use for breathing exercise and empowering urself and brighten our lamp of luck. 

Many dont know, using English birthday date for empowering improve one;s health and creativity.

Simple on ur birthday. Hold ur Birthday Ball and make wish. Or the day of the weekdays every month hold birthday ball and make wis is very good. or do affirmations. For example u are born in a Monday. So every week Monday u do affirmation .

Image result for birthday ball omhealth
Image result for birthday energy



Well we know now the new head is a lady and is a Phoenix for the dragon country; 

At all times we should appreciate the positive energy and not to join in the criticism because the energy flows!

For me I can embrace who is the head and send them prayers so they can take care of the world with love and peace ! Remember your thoughts paints your future and if everyone plant in negative thoughts than how re we having good energy ?

So let us send love and light to all !

New heng ball can be adopted now!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Eye Aging

When I past 35 I start to notice the skin around eyes area are very delicate. Wrinkles dryness start to appear This are  particularly common in both men and women. 

Skin around the eyes is thinner and more sensitive than skin on other areas of the face, and hence, more wrinkling tends to occur in this delicate area.

There is no sure way you will never wrinkle, there are steps you can take to help prevent eye wrinkles or tired eyes.

Omhealth Eye Care series is affordable and been around for many years and free from harmful ingredients.
All the eye care  contains active ingredients and peptide known to encourage collagen-producing activities to help smooth fine lines and target the signs of aging around the delicate eye area. 
Dragonblood and herbs helps reduce puffiness.

Eye serum $50
Eye Gel Dragonblood $55
Eye Cream Ginseng  $50
Face and Eye Mask $68

Full set  at $178 and 4 items. Imagine good quality eye series only $178 compare to commercial eye gel already $250. For this grade.

Try one time u will be like my other customers.

To order this full set of Eye series at $178, u will receive a free neroli facial oil free worth $45. 10 special set.

U can use shopping cart www.omhealth.com/shopping_cart to order. And I will take note.

Image result for eye wrinkles
So if u take alot in the mirror and fine lines may start to surface.

Frankly speaking omhealth eye care series are affordable and alot of effort was put in.

It was featured in Taiwan Show Magazine too.

Image result for omhealth eye serum HA

HA Eye Serum   --- If first time you are using

Eye serum is needed because it is absorb quickly into the skin and the delicate skin around your eyes.The technology fight the visible signs of aging, including the appearance of crow’s feet and acts on specific energy to recover from daily aggression.

Stop looking around for eye serum because the good one is here.


DragonBlood Eye Gel

This eye gel light weight was created for Singaporeans to moisturize, brighten and tighten the skin around the eye to give a fresher, clearer complexion.

The powerful herbs like dragonblood, Hepapeptide 8, Bearberry etc are  renown for its soothing and moisturizing power while our super-stable vitamin C
And the natural extracts brighten and even out skin tone.  Patch test before use.
Active Ingredients: Dragons Blood, Hepapeptide 8,  Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Cucumber Oil, Aloe, Bearberry, Licorice and Kakadu Plum extract.
Directions:  Dab a small amount of gel onto a finger tip and brush lightly underneath your eye working from the corner of the nose outwards but avoiding the eyelash area.  Repeat on the eyelid taking care not to go too close to the eyelashes.  If the product does get into your eyes rinse well.


Ginseng Eye Cream

Since 2005


For me, I use eye serum twice a day. And day time i use eye gel and night i use Ginseng eye cream


Wash Toilet Day Power 2017

If u refer to this blog right side label under wash toilet day. It was so powerful that i choose a non religious simple method to cleanser house energy with

5 element oil (MUST)
Rose geranium (MUST)
Optional add on
PAF Lime
Cypress or pomelo

Washing Toilet method was imparted to me by a Master amd it helps alot for people who has house stagnant energy. After wash spray house with Protection Spray and Light any of coil incense. (for those cant light incense, just put some essential oil on tissue stick to fan and blow ur living room)

Wash le Toilet this Mooncake Festival, Order a new Heng Ball if u can put house. If not go outside buy one nice cup or bowl for house.

Toilet :
is related to wealth, a bathroom that is dirty energy will drain away all the money from the house; joblessness, sinking income, increasing debt 

Also dirty toilet will drain away all those from you. No help from anyone, backstabbing, office politics, discredit etc. are some effects of North-West bathroom.

NEWS: Omhealth 5 Dynasty Coin 2018 NEW Energy design will be ready in December 2017 le:>

I have manage to find a product in market free from many harmful chemical and they put recyle bottle for good karma ahahhaha.

You can change ur dish washer to this type, bath room floor with this type! Save water with the squirt squeeze some on floor and mop wipe can le!

Times are not easy and now u can save 15% when order around $30 and free delivery to ur house.

Promo code Hello15

Try order this 2 days.

Wash toilet Days (choose one of the following)
20th , 21th, 25th

No automatic alt text available.

No automatic alt text available.

Below Dish Soap
No automatic alt text available.

Image may contain: drink

Living room floor and bedroom floor

squeezer some and use mop damp to wipe no need rinse

Image may contain: drink and indoor

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

_Omhealth Charity Group

This month we have completed to provide health care and of course pizza to 600 villagers

Include Vitamin Pills and also food:>

regards Bryan Lao Shi

Be grateful what u have ok:>

I see the children look at pizza , my eyes filled with JOY.

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing and child

Image may contain: 2 people, child and outdoor

1st october 2017

1st October 2017.

Civil Service Club

bryan Lao Shi 20th year anniversary health and beauty

I will be inviting some famous good friends to share their health recipes.

Anna Phua will have a 30mins 2017 to share with u:> And u will love it.

Fees: $38

Email class@omhealth.com

Related image

Beside Bryan lao shi, Michelle Lao Shi Music therapy
Anna Phua Lao Shi will be invited to teach you half an hour on foodcure. And also using MCT oil for good memories. U will learn 3 receipes
1) Beauty
2) Jointcare
3) Emotional balance

Now left 30 seats:>

Lavendula Vera free clinic

Omhealth will be planning to set up a clinic in Cambodia to help people who need of medical help and may be some education tuition days!

We will work together with build for future Cambodia in it ! I am also thinking to plant a cypress tree at the clinic

Yeah I think donate medicine and hire a doctor to be around and really help people who really need medicine is biggest merits!

Fund raising head by Grace will be starting soon! 

Let us combine to start a first free clinic in Cambodia !

Monday, September 11, 2017

A Good 7th Month 2017

1st October 2017 : A very heng Gathering with Omhealth 20th Year anniversary 2017

1st October 2017:> Civil Service Club

7th Month 2017

Is always a good month for reflection and also looking at your life. Where u are heading and what is obstructing your growth. Also do go through


Alot of u probably are in 40s or 50s, or 60s.

Many of your parents are aging too. So we need to have a new plan in life on how to take care of them at this age. And for those with family. Your stress may comes from many directions.

My simplest remedies:
At all times spend 5-10mins a day for yourself  to perform

1) Healing Tranquility Spray above head let the mist enveloped u and say Love and Light
2) Do deep breathing exercise 10 times and than normal breathing with eyes close 3mins
3) Mantra and chanting 21 times first.
4) use ur crystal put on tummy relax 2 mins

Actually most of you are thinking about the followings daily-------------
1) Luck Improvements
2) Healing ur health from chronic problems
3) Fighting Stress
4) Love one health

I shall talk about one ..... and when free i continue with this articles:

Luck Improvements
Image result for fortune teller
When i talk about luck improvements, u may think is about money etc. But is more than that. U believe by now , when you are reading this blog, u should able to understand the sentence

"Things u need to go thru, u have to go thru"

Long ago Wisdom already mention as a human form, we will face many kind oc challenge be it u any religion

1) Health, Aging, Death, Lost of Love one, Cant get what u want, Anger , Separation from love, Disturb by Difficult people, Disturb be environmental Energy.

Traps U and Me Face: Just that I have a chance to know many Top Notch Master back in 80s and now:(many retire le, and focus on chanting and do good things ahahah)....

In order to escape from above, u can see many people go see Fortune Teller (warning), especially now outside temple, u can see alot of Chxxx stores open.

Or u friend say this good that good.... travel all the way, go there.... is ask u do good ahahha....

I know many reputable FSM and fortune teller, at the end of the day, they now dont do le. Because they find out the essence of life is about self realization .

Uncle me, know even the FSM that see our Casiono and MBS, and many who are expert in numbers and fortune telling. At the end of day u need to depend on urself.

Case A:
A young Chap he is a freelance IT consultant. Business was ok. But to enhance he visited a FSM, which suppose to be consultant of many Mediacxxx artiste. But again luck did improve but need to do alot of things at home like set up altar la, light candles la, do this and that.

However, suddenly health fall into issues.

And i can see some FSM, is to borrow future luck to ur present enjoyment.

U have many kind of luck
Health Luck
Wealth Luck
Family Luck
Ren Yuan Luck

Some "Master", use ur health luck for ur wealth etc. So to me , can dont touch, dont touch. but I know some of u are desperate to find answer. And to my surprise even my followers for 20 years, ask them no visit, but when comes to a challenge in life they will be tempted.

Human luck will have 1-3 years in life where everything happen together and like so many things happen until u cant breatheeee....

When face with Challenges in life from health to career, few things to do

1) Choose a good day like 1st or 15th of the month (chinese lunar)

Write down all your issues in a note book. Use a red pen Cross and than set an intention

Example: Today I will can if possible try to chant mantra daily and dedicate to all beings and Oh " ur believes" Please i let u handle all my issues and dont want to be a burden for myself daily and let me stay on Earth like an Angel Happily to bring positive energy to myself and people around me. Please help me.

Chant u mantra 108 times. Use 5 element oil on wrist when do that. Also u can put ur heng ball .
Image result for heng ball

Than this day, spray more tranquility spray above ur head and let the mist envelop u.

The writing is once a month can le. But the chanting mantra, I suggest u do daily.

Above is 100 times better than see a FSM and confusing urself further.

Of course there are a series of accumulate merits method , u can refer to my previous articles.


So when omhealth Mr Gan design good luck items, my intention is to inspire human inner energy of luck naturally.

Example: 5 D coin and 6D hulu to work with Heaven and Earth energy and to encourage u to think positive and this energy is used to improve house Fengshui and block negative energy

Example: Heng Ball: Imparted by a master, he says heng ball works with light energy to bring in positive vibes to the house. It was launched many years ago with so much success and feedbacks.

Get a Heng Ball when u are stuck in ur energy and hang anywhere in ur house. Or get a Birthday heng ball for urself and do affirmations.

Spectrum of Light from Omhealth Heng ball produce religious free energy to the benefits of human beings and transmute negative energy to positive energy

As each heng ball is activated with Love and Light By Mr Gan

Main Purpose

Boost House energy
  • Centering spectrum energies that
    • transmute harmful energies
    • produces a grounded person effect
    • provide healing support

Image result for 6d hulu bryan

If ur house alot of issues and problems and alot of obstacles. Go to your South of your house, is it very messy or dirty or have broken things there.

Clean up. Also ur 6 D hulu should have one at South of house. 6D hulu do rub with 5 element oil


Foodcure for 2017 to overcome difficult months:
Image may contain: food

1) Fried Black Beans 200 to 300 gram till green color shown. Keep cool and keep in jug

Everyday, take 8 seeds put in a mug of boiling water , steep for 15mins, drink when warm.

Black beans: Clear negative from house. When u fried black bean the POP sound will clear negative.

Each Pop equal to each clearance of bad energy. Sometimes only 3 pop de la... Dont need keep pop it ahhaha

Also after that , when cool, daily drink 8 beans tea telling us, bad things has gone and good energy flow to us soon and be very strong.

Related image


Crystals: COme to my notice, in Singapore we have less and less good quality raw crystals and also many places to sell cheaper crystal they source from Indxx or Chxxx.

I hope to bring back the energy of good crystals

Omhealth will have a set of 8 hearts using good crystal from European countries and carved by HK master

Each set is $98 and will be launched in October. 60 sets made.

No pictures but u will love it and will worth $250 in market. Yes I made for 20th year anniversary.

U can order from orders@omhealth.com  Title: reserve the set of 8 healing hearts crystal

Friday, September 8, 2017

Thursday, September 7, 2017


Hi last two weeks orders from shopping cart u should have received le ! If not means I may have miss ur orders as I was busy and may not have packed or email miss out ! Do check ok! If not can email inform Leng Leng at orders@omhealth.com 

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Black Healing Bracelet (Not black tourmaline)

This bracelet was launched last month and to my surprise i received alot of wonderful feedbacks.

It is known as stone of life and more than thousands thousands years old.
I have used it alot this 2 months with my black tourmaline with Tzi.

To me this stones purifies, heals and balance our body mind and emotion . This is an ancient stone formed when there were no life forms on earth, deep within the earths crust. 

Following are some properties stated in research material but personally i find u need to justify:
  • helps in emotional balance
  • It is a protection stone from  negative energies of all kinds
  • Removes negative energies and thoughts
  • Provides healing on all levels: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.
  • Catalyst for growth and transformation
  • Increases personal power
  • Raises vibration
  • Grounds energies to the earth
  • Promotes positivity
  • Clears and balances aura and chakras
  • Normalizes sleep
My feedbacks yesterday from client.

Image may contain: text

I suggest the bigger one, Can hold and relax at home. Put in bag also can.

Is a wonderful piece to wear during stress.

Price is Size A: $188
Price Size B: $288

No automatic alt text available.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Power 六合

I am sure this has work very well for me de !

Open up many good opportunities although many obstacles but all happen for a reason ! Yeah

Monday, September 4, 2017


Hi all the porridge good to make for

7th month ur energy clearing. Do it u will feel good.


Guess what the cypress oil super lucky again ahahha

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Thank You Teacher

Today I want to thank all my Teachers since young and thank you so much for motivating and inspiring me to be a better person everyday.

To thank all my teachers. Omhealth this month has also provide medicine and good for people who need.

Decided not to put pic here. Just want to say : Teachers hope u are proud of omhealth and let me continue ur teaching to help more people :

My Parents and Grandparents my best teacher (thank you)
My Aromatherapy teacher from New Zealand Clare Anthony (thank you)
My Crystal healing Teacher from Australia (thank you)
My TCM teachers thank you
My Acupressure and meridians teachers thank you
My ISO 9001 Quality Audit Teachers (Kallang side) thank you

Personally i like to thank to all students who message and email me . And I send all blessings to all .

Shopping cart really need your support and thank you www.omhealth.com/shopping_cart 


We calm ourselves with Wisdom from Buddha

This is a mantra u can play at home or car for protection at all times

U can sing with following words.
Remember thru wisdom and contemplating the 8 sufferings and the intention to be a better person and liberate urself and others is very important ok:>

Burapha Rassamin Phrabuddhagunam
Protection from Buddha in the east direction

Burapha Rassamin Phradhammetam
Guidance from the Dhamma in the east direction
Burapha Rassamin Phrasanghanam
Guidance from the Sangha in the east direction

Dhukkaro kaphayam vivanchaiye sapphatuk sapphasok sappharok
Sufferings and lamentation be destroyed, suffering, sadness, sickness,

Sapphapai sapphakroh saniad janrai vivanchaiye sapphathanam
danger stars, not so good or bright be destroyed. May there be prosperity,

Sapphalapam bhavantu me rakkhantu surakkhantu
good luck, blessings and protection from the Triple Gems in the east direction to me
Akane (South-East Direction)
Taksin (South Direction)
Horadi (South-West Direction)
Pajjim (West Direction)
Phayap (North West Direction)
Udorn (North Direction)
Isarn (North East Direction)
Pathavi (Below/Ground Direction)
Akard (Above Direction)

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Medicine Ball Famous now

When i do this episode my intention is for people to have good health and happiness.

The oil use at medicine ball is Aura20 Oil.

This ball can bring alot good energy.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

7th Month


This is a month once u have a compassionate and respect heart is infact a very ok month.

Lately a customer attended a fengshui talk and she went to calculate the Son's Bazi which is only 5 years old. And mention it has 6 obstacle and sha qi when reach 30 years old. And after that she cant sleep..

This customer of course kana good scolding from me. Haiz. In Bazi Sha and obstacles can be described as challenge year for u to make decision etc.

Anyway with good deeds, prayers , bazi can be changed.

Chinese Lunar 7th Month Good Luck method

A) is a ok month to travel as there is a MO YUE  gui ren star.
B) This month has a JIE 劫财,rob wealth star, send gift to elderly or friends like chicken essence or essential oil. Send to a friend.
( u can spend money within ur budget buy something u like and also buy other people things m even chocolate ok)
Again u can support www.omhealth.com/shopping_cart la (ahahah).

Anyway buy anything also ok la, not necessary omhealth ah... 
But i suggest the Acacia and Linden Honey for parents good.

C) Many get sick easily, because Yin Energy strong....  use oil like Ten Spice oil and lavender and Peppermint with Ginger Lily Oil. Or even oil like awaken oil and 5 element oil is very Yang Qi.

D) Wear your Black Tourmaline Bracelet

$338 to $480  

U can put following oil to bracelet
No automatic alt text available.
i) Purification Oil   (purifies)
ii) Awakening Oil (Awaken the fire in body)
iii) 5 Element oil ( Balance and Cleanse) 
iv) Aura 20 oil ( Wonder power, chu power to handle different situations)
No automatic alt text available.

No automatic alt text available.

E) Apply some nice makeup. Or moisturize ur skin.

F) Woman should not wear show the navel dress.

G) This month dont Gossip, just quiet.

H) Buy any drinks for colleagues can bring alot good luck.


7th Month things from omhealth if u want to carry is this
BBC coin since 2012

No automatic alt text available.Image may contain: plant

It is infused with good energy and also with balance of personal 5 element. Is for people always worry this and that and also a protection of compassion mantra.


Lighting coil incense at home also very good

Coil incense should be put in clockwise position and good things happen.

below wrong direction (if u put like that ok la, nothing ) But if u change directions double good things come.

Wrong directions
Image result for coil incense holder

Below Correct direction.
Image result for coil incense holder


Omhealth Wishful-fulling coil incense is top seller. Try

Image may contain: food

Monday, August 28, 2017

Small Class Teaching

Hi do support


Alot of new nice product the stone of beauty is out at miscellaneous side:>

A very powerful Small Class 3rd Sep 2017

Is amazing that many told me, whenever attend my class luck will be very good:>

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and indoor

Even the famous radio DJ mention in the social media. Every year if she host the show with me , that year her luck super good.

She host my event at Orchard Central in 2015. and 2016. And she told me after that she found a good man and married. And say super good luck everytime after event. Well I must say, everyone of us should learn one intention and do it daily.


" Everyday wherever I go, people who sees me, talk to me, be happy"

When u set this intention, at first may be very fake. But slowly ur thoughts change ur future, and u become a Gui Ren of course good things comes to u and people who sees u. Even enemy become ur side

You know why, because when all of us gather we always have same thinking. To be nice and good energy and I have teach u well to share love kindness.

Thats why when u find ur luck so so. Why not just come for my class and relax and improve ur energy and knowledge

Most Heng Heng Class for 2017 NOW

1) 3rd Sep 2017 Class , left 4 seats  930am to 1130am  

51 Cuppage Road formal Starhubedwin center and exact location will email and message u

2) 1st October 2017: 20th Year Anniversary Talk (U wont want to miss this Health and Beauty Class)

Essence of Gu Zhen, this time michelle lao shi will talk. And she will tune ur body organs with Gu Zhen.  

Fees: $38 , CSC Club, 930am to 12pm

3rd Decemeber 2017: First Book read with Bryan lao shi class at National Library and also invited Famous Music Teacher to teach vocal music therapy (half an hour).  ($38), 930am to 12pm.

Image may contain: indoor

Small class teaching 3rd September 2017 ; a great insight in health and beauty ! With details explanation and techniques for calming the mind boosting immune system and foodcure ! 
Venue: Cuppage Plaze

Time: 930am to1130pm

Fees: $55

Left 4 seats !

Normally I will bring extra writeout to share as much as I can! Have u registered with class@omhealth.com? Venue has changed to cuppage building somerset le!

1st October 2017 : 20th year anniversary

Fees: $38

Venue: CSC Auditorium
Fees: $38
Email now to class@omhealth.com

I have booked smaller venue as many venues filled up. So do register now:>

20th Year Anniversary for Omhealth.

I have decided to hold a celebration this 20th year anniversary with laughter and Joy.
Special Guest: Golden Award Michelle Lao Shi.

She will "copyright 2 songs " as a gift to all attendees who attended the class--- u will be able download latest Healing Music x 2 songs for ur breathing exercise and improve house energy.

Image result for guzheng

Topics Bryan Will Cover:

Segment A
1) Recall of past 20 years techniques ( and enhancement ) UPGRADE VERSION
i) Skincare facial Gua Sha
ii) Neck Shoulder Pain Enance Gua Sha method
iii) Stomach Slimming effective toning methods  (WORKS WONDER)

Segment B
Work with Michelle Lao Shi and Bryan Lao Shi,
Sound toning and Music therapy for

i) Anger issues
ii) Fear , worries and poor health

Segment C
Image result for meridians
Bryan Lao Shi Simple Vital Meridians flow for with 7 SOUND
i) Lungs
ii) Kidneys
iii) Liver
iv) Heart
v) Spleen

Important Legs Massage points (pass down techniques by Orchard retired master)

Segment D
Image result for wild vege
Wild Herbs remedies for

i) Pain and aches
ii) Stress Tension

5th Segment
Aromatherapy Healing with Crystal With Bryan Lao Shi grounding meditation exercise.

6th Segment

Thursday, August 24, 2017

7th Month : A blissful Month if u practice

Indeed the eclipse energy and also the 7th month energy seems to produce a various effect in different parts of the world from some accidents to Typhoon. Hope all is well . Let us put our hand together to send love and light to world.

At all times we must pray for wellness of all beings. And also dont forget the gratitude and giving thanks to what you have and u are so lucky to be in a geographic position in Singapore.

Omhealth Charity Group will do our part on Charity Project in local and overseas this month.

Image result for grateful gratitude

7th Month Simplicity But With heart of reflection and dedicate merits to all beings.

Have researched long time.

 Yes 7th month do have more "the others"  than normal but they are mostly suffering. U can chant more mantra and dedicate to them.  Used to have a some friends who can see and describe to me where they are etc. But i dont think I want to know and I dont think I want to share here.


Joss Paper Prayers: For those who like to buy those small set for praying downstairs:

At home u can chant 108 times Namo Amitabha at home intention dedicate merits to all beings.. Than bring the set u bought to ur house nearby (can include packet of rice with tofu and egg) , set up, light candle and incense ,burn the 7th month set. When burn, dont ask for anything. Just burn and after than chant ommanipadmehung , dont turn back and go home.

Image result for 7th month joss paper set
Is a very kind compassion act. Here we have combine the ancient Chinese Tradition with Buddhism teaching of compassionate and taking care of all realms.


Some people energy are more sensitive than others ;

so u can wear

1) Black Tourmaline bracelet if u go out late.
2) Aroma Oil that is useful to carry with u are

Top 3 aroma oil
1) 5 element Oil
2) Awaken Blend
3) Cypress (Super good also)

For my Super Sensitive People:

Some who are more sensitive and cant sleep well this month, can 3 tablespoon seasalt in a ziplock bag and salt put all above oil a few drops. Put under pillow.

Carry ur black tourmaline, ur bracelet can put the cypress oil.
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Happen at Old Airport road side recited by an Aunty

A lady, stepped on the burnt ashes , curse and swear and  leg swelled , see a few doctors cant cure.
Than an aunty advice her go back the place, offer some offerings and ok le.

Anyway if u dont believe just keep quiet. And dont point and say ok:>


7th month is both celebrated by The Daoism and Buddhism. Is same but is some differences.

Daoism: 中元节
Buddhism:盂兰节 (try to pray to ancenstor this day, or if no time, u can before that day, go temple write name for ancestor prayers, normally only $20)

A)佛教的盂兰节: Talks about out of filial piety how 目连救母。盂兰盆is a sanskrit word.:
Known as Ullambana, Yulan Jie, 盂兰盆. Is a story told of the Maudgalyayana (Mu Lian), a disciple of the Buddha, who attempted to help his mother who was reborn into the realm of the hungry ghost. The Buddha instructed Maudgalyayana to perform acts of merit and to transfer the merits to his mother.
Following the Buddha’s advise, Maudgalyayana managed to transfer merit to his mother and to help her reborn into the human realm.
During Yulan Pen Jie, 盂兰盆, Buddhist offer prayers to deceased ancestors and  wandering spirits to help them in their rebirth in higher realms. There are also prayer sessions in monasteries to pray and to dedicate merit to wandering spirits.

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It means helping the suffering Ghost realms. It emphasis on the 15th day of the 7th Lunar month we do alot of prayers for our present parents and also 7 lifetimes parents.

And is a important day if you can do anyform of charity and dedicate the merits to all parents.


Below 3 poster will explain all for Chinese Special days三官大帝

So Chinese new year the "Zhap Gou Mei" to 7th month and 10th month all is according to seasonal Officer that take care of different aspect in life.

So for 7th Month is a good month to repent, do good and 5th September 2017 , if can do some chanting and prayers dedicate to your ancestor.

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Image result for 地官赦罪
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is related to 三官大帝

shang Yuan Jie: 上元 (15th of  first Chinese Lunar Month)赐福
Zhong Yuan Jie 中元 (15th of seventh lunar month)赦罪
Xia Yuan Jie 下元 (解灾)
So now is 中元节: Is a period for reflection and also filial peity and helping people.

Increase YANG Energy of THE FACE:>
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Dear all This 2 items very powerful, Especially the face kwa sha, many use le can feel the energy.

Is a natural stones so have some mini dent is normal.

1) The Stone for massage face is high energy stone, can improve once's Qi
2) The two medicine ball when combine with aura20 oil can improve health and luck.