Friday, March 23, 2018

take note, deadline packing Saturday 10am

Hi packing for 10 % discount for attendees 25th March

Hi all please take note 10% cannot apply already on Promotion set.

Example lavender water and 2 serum already save $13 so cannot further use the 10%.

Also not on crystals items ok:>

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

25th March Class crystal

Hi all for those attending 25th March has 10 % for items not under promotion and non crystals items;

The crystals arrival activated le. U can order from , with name address and payment must be made before courier POSB 033485310 also courier fees $5 for $80 and above and if not is $7.

Dateline for packing items to collect 25th March is Friday evening:> Because only uncle me packing ah.

I personally feel u get the $50 set and add a bronzite

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2 Black Tourmaline and 1 Bronzite
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Sleep Set $45
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Affirmations 2018

The goal with affirmations is to feel the truth in the statement you are affirming. Affirmations are reminders of the beliefs and values you want to live your life from. The more consistently you live from a place of affirmation, the more effortless habits and behaviors that support your goals become.

Fu Zai Yan Qian Coin works with the Universal 4 directional energy and is a very positive coin and I hope this few weeks u can feel the calmness and courage to face all challenges.

Now affirmations time:
Many told me the Power of the two new oil. Positive Affirmation oil and Equilibrium. Especially Positive affirmation if u sinus or tired inhaled 2 drops from tissue. u will know the effect.

read ur affirmations at times of feeling low with ur affirmation oil and equilibrium to sustain.

Oh: 25th March 2018 , Da Jia Lai Bai Bai left 20 seats le. 930am to 1130pm. $38 and have u registered

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Affirmation for the 12 animals

1.    Rooster:
I flow easily with every challenges. Each challenge is a door to opportunity. Looking forward to a brand new year.

2.     Sheep
I am contented and happy. All is in peace and harmony. It is a beautiful year.

3.    Snake
            I am surrounded by abundance, inhaling the refreshing air of happiness. It is going to be a really good year.

4.    Rabbit
I embrace the joy and happiness around me and radiate to all wherever I go. It is a wonderful year.

5.    Dragon
I am able to overcome challenges with ease. I am thankful for all wonderful things in my life. All is well and happy.

6.    Horse.
            I blow bubbles of confidence and happiness. All plans are going my way. I believe in myself. Good year. Yes it is!

7.    Tiger
            I smile to all wherever I go. Happiness is in abundance around me. It is a great year and so it is.

8.    Ox
            I choose to be happy and yes it is. Joy, happiness and all good things come to me.  Wonderful new year.

9.    Rat
Opportunities and happiness are in abundance. I see them everywhere. Sky is bright, air is fresh, water is cool. A happy new year!

10.  Pig
Good experiences comes to me. Things are improving. My life is filled with joy and happiness. New year, new beginning.

11.  Dog
I welcome love, joy and happiness with open arms. I am thankful for everything I have. New Year, here I come.

12.  Monkey
Everything is working out for my highest good. Out of this situation only good will come. I am safe

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Da Jia Lai Bai Bai 2018

Hi all

2018 Da Jia Lai bai Bai is full of techniques and advises u will learn and use it forever for luck health and how to be courageous when u have things to face in life

All will receive a small gifts and also I have invited the Pink and yellow lion to bring gui ren energy to our life. Is a very rare day. Do register ok

Venue: CSC auditorium'
Fees: 38
Free gifts: Buddha Activated card
Keychain: Register early has , can be hulu or double fish
Time: 930am to 11am

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Free Gifts can be this or a Hulu Depends ok:
Both activated de:>;
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One of many topics to share:.
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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Butteryfly dance 18 years le

Today to next week Suntec the Golden raisin at Giant best for luck. Today is metal grow water day and we manage to gather and do aura butterfly dance and is very good energy one.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

March 2018 to April 2018 Luck News

On 25th March 2018, alot of Good Luck Practical method will be shared. And after this Bai bai class, it will have a rest till 2020.

Image may contain: night, sky and outdoor
I hope many students will make effort to come for this wonderful class and gathering. All attendees that day will fall under a group name call " Omhealth 25th March Heng Students" . We will arrange lamp light for world peace and happiness in Nepal.

Venue : CSC Auditorium
Fees: $38
Email:, payment to be made once registered.

All will receive this high quality blessed by Rinpoche Guan Yin Card. Is a great effort.Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor


For 6th March 2018 ~ 4th April 2018 Luck Enhancement method

This month date range above, things to do

1) Center of House Spray Protection Mist and say the poems also is a month to heal liver and liver represent business growth, career growth and health.

After spray the mist says:

I let go of everything I no longer need. I joyfully release all irritation, criticism and condemnation. My consciousness is now cleansed and healed. Everything in my life is in Divine Right Order. Everything that happens is for my highest good and greatest joy. I find love everywhere in my life. I choose the thoughts that heal, cleanse and uplift me. I love and appreciate my beautiful liver!

Than your wrist apply Positive Affirmation oil and inhale say " Shhhhhh"

Benefits: This special calculation by bryan lao shi, doing above u can feel energy improves and office obstacles or house energy improve in 7 days. Within this 7 days any unhappiness stored will surface and detox, so dont worry.

NB: Center of house remember this year put a bowl of $1 coin and the 5 D coin, remember to weekly put at least $1 coin in it add on.

In bai bai class I will teach u how to put another bowl to dissolve Bad Ki in house.

B) Things to eat 2018 6th March to april

i) Red apple slice and dip on a cup of yogurt (low fat)
ii) Acacia Honey organic with a dash of Cinnamon powder (Bring wealth and unlock wealth luck in 2018)
iii) Boil Herbal tea that i teach in health blog last two days video there

C) Omhealth skincare that good for luck

i) Lavender flora water is organic and infuse with grapefruit so for March time bring good ren yuan and clear siao ren

Must put in fridge and put more in cotton and put face 3mins. U can feel the diff, after that put eyes rest for 1 minute.

D) Fruits and Vegetables to activate decode universe numbers to ur life:

If u feel ur life stuck , in March include following in diet.
(no need daily, have eat can le, if really suay eat bak choy consecutive 2 days
Grapefruit Juice

E) Black Tourmaline Bracelet, Fuzai Yan Qian and Suntec

Suntec energy still the strongest, when suntec is under renovation , omhealth actiavte 200 people to walk with the floating duck (think u all remember) and bring the energy up . U all now can walk again as 10th March is Suntec best luck of the year and also 1pm central stage i will announce what to buy at Suntec ahahha.

10th March is all well rounder day. Bring ur Black tourmaline bracelet do healing urself and go Suntec bring Fu Zai Yan Qian Coin, if can walk the fountain

Fountain timing: I will walk at 12pm where YANG energy very high , one round can le with Black tourmaline and Fu zai Yan Qian coin . Wear ur black tourmaline bracelet!!!!

Suntec FOuntain Opens at:
Image result for suntec fountain bryan
So after my talk 3pm u can walk fountain also. Super good luck. Once do whole year good luck.


Best timing is 3pm to 4pm walk fountain which is after my seminar room talk and also 1150am.

1pm to 130pm I will be at suntec level 4 room give talk central stage and

than 2pm seminar room 2 give talk an hour

After 130pm talk I will announce what to buy on stage. But i need to be tactical and say:
Ji Xiang Ru Yu and i will announce the things to buy at Giant or Suntec ehehehhe:> Remember to buy.

That day  Affirmation oil and Aura gold oil avaliable from Cindy and my helpers, see u manage to get and the rabbit  Man will spray mist on u if u manage to see him

Light daily abit of omhealth High Mountain incense and also Auspicious Incense. U will feel the house energy improve. No need spend alot money see House fengshui just light this incense abit a day.
Incense cleansing follow by Tranquility spray above head mist envelop u is good.
 These stagnant/negative energies in house can be absorbed by the people living or working within this space, causing arguments, physical and illnesses, and relationship troubles.

Once cleanse u feel good.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Leng and Lai Overseas since last saturday

Leng and Lai has overseas to do donation of coffin for omhealth charity group.

They will be back soon. So all email and courier they will reply within next few days

thank u

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Pendant and Necklace and bracelet

Many might have know me for more than 16 years.

I used to teach crystal and 6636 calculations.

Why I started this courses is because many cant afford to go for a crystal therapy session which may cost up to $280 a session.
So omhealth designed 3 items which can use daily and as and when when u need self healing. Turn on a music and lie down and rest feel the different ok:> for 3 mins.

1) Black tourmaline bracelet  $380 (But some male 9 eye Tzi is $480, in general is $380)
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2) Healing Necklaces (in 2007 was call mala)  $380
3) A Tzi pendant $168

The Tzi Pendant will be at shopping cart miscellaneous at a good timing 5pm. U can leave a comments ur DOB and will select for u one:>

Tzi Pendant
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Today I have launched this Tzi pendant again (many know this is the red Tzi of very good quality and very rare now)
Image may contain: one or more people

The pendant can wear with a 5 color string at times of stress

The Tzi Pendant  aids self analysis and perception of hidden circumstances, bringing to your attention any problems disease that is interfering with your well being.

Balancee yin and yang, the positive and the negative forces that hold the universe in place. 

A soothing and calming stone works slowly but brings great strength. Its multiple layers can bring hidden emotional information to light.
​Builds self confidence.  

Helps to overcome negativity and bitterness of the heart. It heals inner anger fostering love and the courage to start again. It is useful for any kind of emotional trauma.

Thats why i design to wear as pendant at times of stress.

Healing Neckalce :

 It releases emotional repression and encourages artistic expression. 
Useful for people who are easily hurt, this stone teaches the you to look for solutions rather than dwell on problems and it shuts off obsessive thoughts and destructive mental patterns.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Elaborate Fengshui Monthly

Image result for yellow heng ball

There is a kind of flying star fengshui where everymonth u need to change your house formations of 3-9 items, this can be tiring and i dont find it effective.

But I do know some like to ask me what can they do for monthly fengshui for house.
If u really wanna do u can try my simplify methods.

1)First 6D hulu main door area is a must and than an item for attract wealth like wood Frog hang there woth aura gold 20 oil.

Heng ball can be found in

Elaborate 开运法 2018 only

2) A Yellow heng ball and change the location every month (that;s where 3M hook useful)

After 4th Feb: NE
after 5th March: South
after 5th April: North
after 5th May: SW
after 5th June: East
after 7th July: SE
after 7th Aug: living room
after 8th Sep: NW
after 8th Oct: West
after 7th Nov: NE
after 7th Dec: S
after 5th Jan 19: N

So according to the above date, u spray the sector daily with protection spray and monthly u move ur heng ball yellow around and that sector say more good things

Dont forget health blog a good foodcure today.

25th March 2018: Da Jia Lai Bai bai , do register ok; $38 , , CSC club 930am to 1130am

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Ren Ri

Ren Ri : Buy Lavender water and scrub is good:>  Or use it this few days:.
 If u have been using rose water , time to alternate with lavender organic flower water, it symbolise good healing energy and also good Ki from universe.

Use ur Cny10 to buy above two items:>

Omhealth today wishes all customers of all religion a good and happy human day;
Today we have a promocode Cny10 for all;

Da Jia Lai bai Bai 25th March 2018 will be 8th year anniversary and rest for a year plus before we give this class again:> For those never come for welcome 2018 talk should even come more:> Fees: $38. DOnt hesitate ok

Oh today if u can buy things and people give u $1 coin as change. Put in ur bowl in living room. Those who have not set up 5D coin in a bowl, can shop in shopping cart the 5D coin and put next few days:> Collect ur $1 coin today:>

Today ren ri: Light more omhealth incense at home:> Also eat pearl powder, if not go People's park SinZhong get, the shop that day lion dance their pearl powder super good luck. Next time I than tell u buy Fu Hua. Now go Sin Zhong, also Bedok mall.
Today Lunch time, eat any noodle or pasta or mamee noodles snacks also can:>

For 20 years le omhealth has work day and night in providing informations on mindfulness and also alternative way to achieve good luck through foodcure and always remind everyone, life is like a timetable of event (like ur secondary school timetable) things we need to go through we dont skip but bravely face it and after that we will graduate. But once we graduate we are to new level of challenge.

For me I know a person age of different timeline will face different issues. Some of u may go through a year call " Series of Event" this period is the time all things good and no good comes together. This is the time, u need to be careful not to fall into trap of weird group. Anything blur just go to your own religious head. For me u can go Guan min San or Shuang Lin Si or Taoist Temple Arumugam road for prayers or ask gudiance. Or simplest go Waterloo Guan Yin Temple to pray for consecutives 9 weeks, weekly anyday before 9am. (no need daily, i mean once a week).

Omhealth Luck Items like Heng ball is a very good item to inspire Light and good energy to your house. Today Human Day, U can get a birthday heng ball :> Is very good ball to put in ur bedroom. Scroll Down

This Friday I will be at the Orchard temple at 745pm to 8pm. Is a good day. U wanna go u will see me there:> Those who see me I will give u a red paper :> and a blessed medicine Buddha Card:>

Image result for birthday hengball omhealth

Related image

Today at Nepal, a friend is helping to write name for omhealth charity group and also omhealth students and customers and hang this prayer flag in holy place. Is very lucky have someone do for us today. Alot effort made. And I hope feel the rejoice energy. In life, what more can wee ask for. Life is really short. Let us drop our worries and let Heaven Take care for us, and lead our life with peace and helping people.

( Oh those who order 3 leg frog in facebook, many never go buy do go shopping cart buy as we reserved for u)

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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Special 25th March 2018

25th March is known as ShiQuan ShiMei 十全十美 Day of the year. I have specially chosen this day to conduct the 8th Year Anniversary Da Jia Lai Bai Bai Class is hope like what Old Master says

One day do good good, 10 years good energy come. So this is a rare class that we gather and chat about good luck.

A good quality card blessed will be given to all。

CSC: 930am to 1130am

Image may contain: text

Highly blessed
Image may contain: 1 person

Monday, February 19, 2018

4th Day CNY Special Articles

A talk that you wont want to miss

Da Jia Lai Bai Bai 25th March 2018
CSC Auditorium
Fees: $38
Seated 930am
Image may contain: 8 people, people smiling

Hi all, 15 days of CNY for u to accumulate good luck. But even have some dispute or quarrel is ok if u say Bai Wu Jin Ji 3 times.

According Tong Shu:

accurate 12 animals is the link

Above is super comprehensive things to do and eat for 12 animal if u can follow throughout the year:>

Below is another version suppose for Magazine

Basic bracelet is still Black tourmaline for all: Remember use aroma oil

1) Positive Affirmation Flow
2) Equilibrium more

2018 is Earth Earth year, so dont let it dust ur confidence and also this year before u achieve success there will have something to make u give up. Never give up and when u feel giving up, hold ur black tourmaline and do strong prayers and let go.

12 Animal Signs Prediction 2018 Dog Year
1.     Rat:

1)Black Tourmaline Bracelet is good for you (adopt one if u never have)
2) Power  dessert for 2018 almond longan

Easy to gain recognition, facing with a choice to make. It is easy to let the people around you such as friends, superiors, boss, clients to notice the efforts you have put in, which implies that efforts will pay off. There will be more job opportunities and choices. Listen to the advice of the elderly will help one to make the right choice or prevent one to fall into the trap.

It is advisable to wear black tourmaline. Go to temple and have the bracelet or accessory go round the incense three times clockwise.

2.     Ox:
贵人运佳 逢凶化吉

居家东南和西北方light aromatherapy candle lamp and put affirmation flow oil or can put a lamp。

Have a lot of gui ren and be able to turn bad into good. When faced with an obstacle, will be able to receive help from others (ur Fu Zai Yan Qian coin is important). Hence do not give up too early and easily and things will turn better. If one wish to have more gui ren, one needs to broaden the network.

It is advisable to light a lamp at Southeast and Northwest of the house.

Lucky Dessert : Chendol abit (share ok)
Bracelet: Black tourmaline is a must , also 2018 add on bracelet is green phantom)

3.     Tiger
吉中藏凶 保守以对
农历9 – 11 月运势旺 ( burn more incense at home )

客厅, 办共室摆放omhealth wealthbowl

Whatever things you do will be according to your wishes. Remain humble to prevent falling into traps. It is a good year for you. However, do be careful of backstabbers and hence it is good to remain low profile. Do what you are familiar with and avoid areas that you are not familiar with. The best timing is 9th to 11th of the lunar month.
It is advisable to place a wealth bowl in living room, entrance or office.

Lucky Dessert: Pink ruby coconut
Must wear : Omhealth new design big rose quartz bracelet if u have , black tourmaline a must)

4.     Rabbit
喜事重重 福禄双全
稳扎稳打, 某事可成
3 – 5 月注意身体状况
每月初一, 十五及农历2/19 6/19 9/19  go temple pray
It is a good year for the rabbit. As long as one takes a step at a time, one will be able to succeed.  Smiling will enhance one’s luck. Do take note of health during 3rd to 5th lunar month. For elderly, to take care during the change in temperature as well as one’s diet. Do rest and exercise well.
It is advisable to chant more mantra and light temple incense on 1st and 15th of every lunar month as well as on 2/19, 6/19, 9/19.

Dessert: Ice jelly
Bracelet: Omhealth Citrine bracelet

5.     Dragon
劳心劳力 守成为要
注意言行, 以和为贵


It is a challenging year for the dragon.  One will get tired easily and requires to put in a lot of effort in one’s work and turns out in vain. Continue what you doing and do not be strong headed and compare with others. Be careful of traffic and note one’s words and remember harmony breeds prosperity.
Go to the temple to pray Tai Shui

Bracelet: Victory bracelet omhealth
Dessert: red ruby coconut 

6.     Snake
名利双收 水到渠成
吉星乳位, 工作运旺
投资有利, 偏财运佳
农历7 9 11 月运势低, scrub more with heng heng scrub daily
红鸾星动, 添丁发财

居家西方摆放 wealthbowl or hang a lucky item
It is a very good year for the snake. All auspicious stars are in place and job luck is good. Everyone will help you to gain success. Wealth luck is good and investments is looking good. Do not be lazy though. Take note of that 7, 9 and 11th of the lunar month luck will be on the low side. Take care of health. Love luck is on the bright side too. For those wishing for a child, this year is good too.

7.     Horse
先蹲再跳 突破僵局

居家西北方或客厅, 书房摆放 elephant omhealth如意

The first half of the year may not be smooth sailing. The second half of the year will be better. Whatever challenging situation faced will be resolved. Hence, do not be discouraged during the first half of the year.
Placed an elephant  in the Northwest of the house or living room.

Dessert: Black Sesamee paste
Bracelet : Black tourmaline or the Gold sheen black obsidian

8.     Goat
动中求财 切忌投机
农历3 4 月恐有口舌是非 (spray protection spray and wear more Bai Wu Jin Ji)

Light incense at home the auspicious herbs

The wealth luck is good however, avoid speculation. The wealth belongs to action type, which implies that one will need to move around for opportunities and do it and not just say. Beware of love disputes. Also take note that there may be disputes due to verbal misunderstanding during the 3rd and 4th of the lunar month.
Light more incense to attract gui ren to help resolve the challenging situation.

dessert: ice jelly
Bracelet: Affirmation bracelet (black tourmaline priority) 

9.     Monkey
吉星有缺 起伏不定
农历6-8 月易有官司是非

佈施回响, 累积功德

There is a lack of auspicious stars and is a stable year for the monkey. One may end up working hard on own in work. Emotion is easily affected by external. Factors. Investments may not be smooth. Take note that there may lawsuit or get cheated during 6 – 8th of the lunar month. It is however, a good year for self-upgrading.
Participate in more pujas, give back and dedicate and accumulate merits.

Bracelet: Fa Jin omhealth bracelet ( or black tourmaline will do)
Dessert: Mango pudding

10.            Rooster
逆水行舟 兵疲马困
做事吃力, 进展受阻
健康, 财运均无大碍
农历4-5 月为运势高峰

May meet with obstacles. Progression is slow and a little bit. For those with business partners, it is easy to have disagreements due to different ideals. Health and wealth luck is fine. Must remain clam at all times. Luck is on the high side during 4th to 5th of the lunar month.
Burn more auspicious incense and do more charity, treat it as a year for good luck in 2019 preparation. Ur year will be so good. now is learn and accumulate good mertis

Bracelet: Black tourmaline bracelet
Dessert: Red bean soup .

11.            Dog
太岁当头 逆转人生

May meet with obstacles. However, one may be able to surpass the challenging situation and get better.  It may be a good arrangement to let one have a good change.
Participate with more puja and go to temple to pray Tai Sui
But ur luck consider good as many good work boss will find out. Be humble.

Dessert: blueberries related
Bracelet: Omhealth Amethyst bracelet 

12.            Pig
吉星高照 积极进取
农历3 6 9 12 月财运佳


Good year for the pig. Have a lot of gui ren. Wealth luck is good. For love luck, marriage luck is high. However, there may be disputes. Try to lie low and avoid disputes. Wealth luck is good on 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th lunar month.
Wear more 5  bracelet and natural jade will help to block negativities.

Bracelet:  Omhealth Clarity Bracelet (black tourmaline a must if u dont have) 
Dessert:  White almond paste